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I know there is much debate about the single/double ring setups but the reason I am willing to give it a try has nothing to do with gear ratios or weight. My reason for inquiry is that whenever I pick the bike up for long amounts of time (say a staircase run-up) I always seem to trip the shift paddle (on SRAM Rival) before I remount. This is a huge hassle to have to re-shift the front derailleur every time I remount. I'm aware of all the different possibilities for single ring setups for bikes with a clamp-on derailleur and normal bottom brackets. But on a bike with a braze-on front derailleur and a BB30 bottom bracket (A Cannondale Super X in my case), what are my options in a single ring application for chain management? BTW, I would prefer not to use two chain guards.


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I'd say just use an outer chainring guard and one of the K-Edge chain catchers for braze on.

I don't know about the braze-on location but, I use Pauls chain keeper/guide on both my mt bike and my cx bike. Neither one of of my bikes have braze-ons though. I tried MRP, N-Gear jump stop and some other poorly designed (it had a post and a derailler pulley) chain guide first and none were satisfactory. In my case, the Pauls has worked 99% perfectly.

A method I have done to make a cheap conversion is the chainring on the inside of the crank with a bash guard outside. Then adjust the limit screws accordingly to lock out the fr. der. My Specialized CRUX Pro is doing fine that way. Haven't dropped a chain yet. And If I want gears, switch out the gaurd for a ring, adj. the screws and viola. I am looking for function though, not weight savings.

As Patrick People Sai

I'd say just use an outer chainring guard and one of the K-Edge chain catchers for braze on.

If you want a clean setup... you can't do much more.

This is what I rigged up to allow for use of a braze-on K Edge Chain Catcher on my Trek Cronus.  Knock on wood it has worked all season.

Excellent! This is more what I was looking for. From what I can tell it looks like a seat post clamp nut on the back side of the mount (?). Can you tell me more abut the spacer between the mount and the chain catcher?


Yep, I think the piece behind is did come from a seatpost.  The piece in front has a curved face to it.  I think it came off of a derailleur. 

Hi, thanks, I used this pic to get my setup to work as well. One additional piece of knowledge here, you can also use a cam from a quick-release as the concave cylinder, as long as that quick release is external, as in a Salsa quick release. I found one at my local for $1. This is lighter than the Seat post version (which I got from a co-op, but the threading was too big). For what its worth, its a 5mm bolt that ships with the K-Edge, and the K-Edge now comes with the needed convex piece (spacer mentioned in gdogg's post above). I took this thread on my smart phone to the bike shop, explained the idea, and they other ideas too. I have an extra convex spacer (from the co-op) if you need one gdogg.


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