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I'm looking for advice and suggestions on converting a single speed this year as MABRA has a separate category now and it looks like fun.  I took a look at CX mag issue two, they recommended the Renner tensioner but I have a steel frame with vertical Breezer dropouts so I don't think it would work.  Soulcraft one looks good but a little pricey.  The review did not include some more recent possibilities that I've found good prices for:

Surly Singleator


The DMR looks promising as the same basic design as the Renner/Soulcraft- no springs, sealed bearing roller.  Any feedback on this or the Surly? 

Also, suggestions for spacing/cog kits?  I have both 130 and 110bcd cranks in the parts box, so could run a 36, 38, 39, 42 or 44  chainring in the box, any advantage to any of these over the others as a place to start a collection of 3 or so cogs to choose from?  Thanks-

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i would avoid the surly - avoiding springs is a good thing, but if you need a spring because you're changing cogs a lot, the paul has the pivot in the right's not hard to re-adjust the soulcraft for a 1 tooth difference, either (allen key).


i haven't tried the dmr - but if it's similar, go for it.  i was the tester of these tensioners - and would recommend the soulcraft over the rennen just because the rennen didn't work on all my bikes.


or, you can try a magic gear?


good luck!


Thanks Andrew, I'd recognize those shoes anywhere, do you ever take them off?  The key issue for me on the tensioner is my Breezer (hooded) dropouts- people have reported that the Renner/Soulcraft/DMR-type tensioners won't fit/work with these dropouts, or should I just order and see?  I can't see from the photo in the magazine (of your bike?) where there would be a problem though (your dropouts are also partially hooded) and lack of a spring certainly is appealing-


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