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Last season I built up a budget wheelset with Mavic Open Sports, DT butted spokes, brass nipples and Surly hubs.  I figured I'd build another one this year and that would be my training set but I had to replace my mountain bike after my Bianchi split at the headtube so the budget got crunched.

This summer, or maybe sooner than later, I'm going to build up a tubular wheelset.  Any opinions on what I should build?  Cost and Strength outweigh Weight in my book, hoping to build a set that doesn't cost more than my bike.  Surly hubs are ok, but the front bearings went out and we basically destroyed the shell getting them out so I don't know if I'll do that again. 

Track spacing on the rear, please.

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I don't have a recommendation for hubs, but these look like great rims.

I'm hoping to make some sew-ups happen for next year, these will probably be the rims.
Those velocity rims are sweet, need to make sure that the width is the same as my Open Sport rims. These are 23mm, I think the Open Sport is around 22 or 21.5. Anyone know definitively how wide the Mavic Open Sports are?
I don't know, I wasn't able to find that spec. Are you hoping to avoid readjusting your brakes? If that's the case, the reflex rim will probably be a good bet.
I should have just sent you a txt message or come over to your house for this discussion!
Check out the Mavic Reflex.
I've got a set of reflex tubulars with vittorias glued, and ultegra hubs. You want to borrow them and see how they work for you? They are a little wider than the Open Pros, maybe 21mm?
probably just go with Reflex, it's not very exciting but I can afford them.

Single Speed Hubs?
I'd go ultegra or 105 for the front. You could bite the bullet and go King for the rear. Otherwise, White Industries makes a nice rear hub for about $120.
Isn't track spacing 125mm?

White and King aren't cheap enough. I pride myself on having the cheapest bike on the scene. I need hubs for less than $50


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