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With my infinite budget I purchased the:


Nashbar "X" Aluminum Cyclocross Frame


I want to build this bicycle up with true budge parts and then upgrade over time.  For simplicity I want a single gear crankset, but I'm confused about my immediate next step.  Should I copy the parts off of a budget cyclocross build?  If so, which one.


If you were looking for basic components (that could still take a beating) where would you start?


If one part depends on another part being of a particular type or brand, I would appreciate if you could mention that.  This would really help us step into cyclocross.  Please keep this chain rolling (pun intended)!

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i would just go by what you can find available used. Craigslist or ebay.
Good advice. I had thought of Ebay but not of Craigslist. Outside of what was listed on the frame build, any simple rules for compatibility? or simple ways to avoid feeling regret afterwards?

Build Requirements: 27.2mm seatpost, 31.8mm seat collar, 31.8mm clamp-on bottom pull front derailleur, 130mm rear hub spacing, 700c wheels, 1 1/8" fork and headset. Maximum recommended chainring size 48t. Frame Wt 3.6 pounds.
don't mix sram and shimano and you'll be fine.
I'd say that's true for shifter/derailleur setup, but cranks, chainrings and cassettes are more flexible.

You're biggest expense there is likely to be the fork. You need a road fork with canti mounts which are limited selection.

Plenty of good options for wheels, the spacing is the standard for road wheels.

Look around and find some component ideas and post them, we're happy to provide opinions along the way.
Shimano 105 Single-Ring Cyclocross Crankset / Ultegra BB

Any thoughts on this? and whether I can do any better for the price?
That's a pretty good setup for the price.
YEah, use whatever you've got. My "new" budget build is an old Takara road bike with centerpulls. They offer plenty of clearance and with kool stop salmon road pads, stop pretty dang well. So, whatever you have in the parts pin, or can pick up used. Like the other gentlemen have said tho - stick with one mfg. on the shifty bits and all's good.
Just a matter of personal preferance but here is how I would build:

Fork-Winwood carbon(probaly the most expinsive item you will buy assuming the frame came without one)

Headset-Chris King(one thing worth spending the extra money on, I will outlast the frame)

Wheelset-Ultegra/Open-pro(ultra reliable & fairly inexpensive can buy pre built from Quality) I have one set that is one year 5 of racing & commuting

Cranks-Race Face Revolution or FSA Gossammr, basicly something Al & remove the unwanted rings & purchase a chain guide for the front(lots of options here, I would recomend a cheep inner watcher for the inside & a guide plate for the outer)

Cassette-105(if shamino) Sram ??

Rear Derailer-105 (if shamino) Rival (if Sram)

Seat post-Thompson(worth the extra money for something your going to jump on to)

Stem-Race Face Evolve31.8(cheep & fairly light plus it doubles as a MTB stem so fairly stiff & strong)

Bar-Salsa Bell Lap(good cross bar) or whatever Al bar feels good in your hands

Seat-I like the Selle San Marco Aspide but seats are personal (PICK WHAT YOU LIKE!!!!!)

Shifters-105(if Shimano) Rival(if Sram-no carbon)for the rear, Cane Creek SCR5 for the front(try to find a single set up since you won't need front shifting-sometimes you can find a mismatched due to a crash on ebay or spare parts from a LBS)

Brakes-Avid shortys(I will admit, they don't have much stoping power but are cheep & easy to find plus they are very cross friendly)

Tires-Maxxis Larson Mimo(Again, this is a personal item, I have found it to work good in 80% of all the cross races I have done, they roll fast on Hard, corner good, handle mud fairly well - down side is they are kinda pricy for a cheap build)


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