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My Giant TCX1 is a few months old and the stock tires are slippery in the snow compared to my Salsa Fargo.  Can anyone recommend a good clincher snow tire?


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45 North. They are a QBP brand.

Here is a link to there "mission statement"

Perfect, those look gnarly.


I simply run an aggressive mud tyre in the winter. The (discontinued) green Michelin Mud tyres were awesome. This year, the Vittorias that I have seem to be working okay. Honestly, I used to run Ritchey Speedmax semi-slicks, and those worked surprisingly well. I don't know if it's just that I'm used to riding in the snow, but aside from riding on the ice, anything with aggressive knobs should work well.

I agree. Last year I ran Speedmax's and they worked great. Especially nice was mine were the 40c so I had a bit extra girth. Conti Speedkings also worked pretty good, too.

On the monster crosser I had Ritchey Zeds but at 42c, a bit bigger than most bikes will accept and no longer on production.


Update- Just to follow up.  I ended up buying 45 North's Polara Studded tires.  So far they work great.  I ride on unplowed ice covered farm access roads, that have icy off cambers (that are hard to even walk on).  With the Polaras I have no problems at all.  I try to get them to wash out & I can't.  I have several hours on the tires and only lost 2 Studs, 1 in the front 1 in the back.  The studs are replaceable.  Not bad for $50. Some places have them for $41.  4 out of 5 stars.  I'd recommend them to a friend.

Oh, interesting. What would make you give them 5 out of 5 stars, out of curiosity? Those are cheaper than my normal CX tyres, and with replaceable studs, it sounds like you can't go wrong.

Hey, Sorry didn't see this till now.

I usually don't give 5 out of 5 on anything.  I guess if the tires were lighter (@ 886g lighter then most) environmentally friendly and had carbide studs, but that would sacrifice quality & drive up price.

A lot of info here-

I really liked my Schwalbe Marathon Winters for winter commuting.  I would have gone with Conti's tire if I could have fit it under my fenders.

Michelin Mud 2s worked really well for me in the annual "Snow Bike Race" here in Buffalo (off road).


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