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So m new to this forum so I'd like to start by saying hello,I'm a 39 year old male I'm 5'7 128 pounds and a 32 inch waist,I'm doing my first Cyclocross race on October 31st here in Maryland,I plan on doing more rac s once I get a feel for the sport,my question to everyone is hat size skin nautical should I be wearing,I found some on EBay for really cheap as I don't want to spend a bundle on a suit for my first race,any help would be possible,I wear a medium and large in regular cycling shorts but after reading many a blog about guys who are 6'4 wearing small skinsuit said I'm in a jam,thanks and enjoy the rest of your week.

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Sorry I type fast,opps spelling errors,in stead of skin nautical it should say skinsuit

Hello & welcome. Based on my experience, what you are going to find is that sizes and fit vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. I am 5'7", 138#, 29in waist. Currently, I own an XXS from one brand that fits me as well as a S from another brand, while an XS from a 3rd brand is 4inches too short in the torso, and an XS from a 4th brand is a little too loose on the bottom. Measurements/sizing charts are helpful, but keep in mind not all fabrics stretch the same.

The only thing I can suggest is to find a brand you can try and if it fits, then seek THAT one out.  

best of luck.

Thanks for the reply,I will go on EBay and order a Cheap suit and see how it fits
What brand do you own the small in as we are somewhat near the same body type.

Small in Castelli. I should point out it is a San Remo suit, so may be different from the fit of their other skin- and speed-suits

Just a thought, so take it with a grain of salt, but you don't NEED a skinsuit.  I'm all for looking pro and such, but a skinsuit isn't going to really impact your performance in a race compared to standard bibs and jersey you know fit you. 


Personally I'd save the cash you might drop on a skinsuit and put it towards your next race entry fees this season.  In my experience, once you try cross, you are hooked and want to do it again and again, even when you are in the middle of a race cursing yourself and saying "why the f am I doing this to myself?".  You'll cross the finish line, take some deep breathes and a few sips of water and say "let's do it again".  Whether or not you have a skinsuit on at the time will not change that reaction.


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