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Rumor has it Specialized is unveiling a true Cyclocross line for 2011.  Most impressive is the base model seen here:

I've heard differing reports on the MSRP, $1400-$1800 is the range I've seen.  I'm getting one.  Now if they'd just ditch those crappy stock tires and route the cables somewhere other than the most mud-prone part of the bike...

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Uhm... it looks to have internally routed cables to me?

Not sure which tires are on there, but Specialized isn't going to run anything other than their own brand of tires on their bikes.I ran the Specialized Houffalize all last year and didn't have a problem with them. They do have a weird design but it works - at least for me anyways ;)
It's internal on the downtube but looks to pop out again around the BB Shell, hence my concern. Not that that'll dissuade me from getting one of these...

In reference to the tires, I too was a little miffed when someone bashed those tires when I was racing on them; until I replaced them. I train on them but they're pretty overweight, loagy and not very supple, especially compared to the panaracer crossblasters I run now.
Ah... got ya. I'll have to look into the Panaracers and see if they'd work better for me.
That might be the most interesting internal routing I have ever seen on a CX bike... nowhere to catch you... interested to see it when it comes out
the cable hangers are by far the best part of that bike in my opinion. the front one looks interesting. i doubt that will sell anywhere near 1,800 because it looks extremely base model to me.
interested to see the close-up photos of the front cable hanger... with that set-up, do you guys think it's shudder proof?
We have some more info and a couple of other photos here, in case you haven't seen it.

There are some differences between the photo on the forums and the ones in the article. The bikes in the article have external cables, but seem to have the zertz inserts. Should be interesting to see what the final models are like.
Most Specialized dealers have already gotten this info-

There will be two different frame versions of the CruX sharing the same revised cross geometry - a full carbon (Expert, Pro, and S-Works module) and an E5 Alloy with carbon fork (Comp, Elite, and frameset).

The carbon uses the old TriCross fork with the new CruX geometry - shorter headtube, tighter wheelbse, and no rack/fender mounts. External cable routing and rear Zertz.

I think the Alloy frame is the real standout. All new straight blade carbon fork with a tapered carbon steerer tube 1 1/2" - 1 1/8". Same CruX geometry, internal downtube cable routing, and no zertz.
Thanks Mike, do you you know when they'll be available?
Looks like early to late July depending on the model.

Do you know if they will make a more basic model of the crux (like the Tricross Sport) or Is the Comp-crux the base model??
the $1400 base model is just that. however they are showing the alloy Crux Frameset to be offered @ $675...the carbon CruX(s) will be only complete bike. S-Works CruX will be frame module ONLY. the alloy frame is gonna be the hot ticket with the internally routed shift wires. the Carbon model uses Std external DT cable routings.


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