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Apologies for getting all wonkey technical but I'm building up a SRAM Rival equipped crossbike and don't want the SRAM 34/50 or 38/46 optional cranksets. Is anyone out there using the FSA Gossamer 36/46? Looks like Redline and Jamis spec their bikes with these. My LBS says the Gossamer is not for 10spd. SRAM chains. Is this phooey?

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Yes it is. The Gossamer crank works just fine in 10 speed applications (as will most any crankset designated as 9 or 10 speed). My question is why you want to change cranksets just for different chainring options? You can swap those out very easily and use the crank that you prefer (for whatever reason - price, stiffness, BB, looks, etc.)
I hadn't set up the drivetrain yet. I couldn't find a 46T 110bcd sram ring. All the lit was scaring me into thinking I needed sram specific s10 stuff.
My wife's bike has a Gossamer crankset (older, used previously w/ 9-speed) and a 10 speed Shimano cogset and ders w/ SRAM 10spd chain, and it works great. If you're looking at an older 9 speed crank, the store may be correct that the spacing betweein the rings is slightly larger than 10-speed designed cranks. There is the VERY SLIM possibility that the chain would not drop down onto the smaller chainring and "skate" along the top of the teeth with the chain pushed against the big ring. I have never, nor has my wife, been able to cause this to happen, even while trying to make it happen (I was concerned too). Proper f der adjustment will easily pull the chain over to the small cog.

According to the FSA website, the new gossamer cranks are 9 & 10 speed compatible, so I bet you're in fine shape.

Most importantly, why not try it out, and see for yourself? If for some strange reason your setup doesn't work and it does skate along the chainring, then make the change. It takes 5 minutes to pull off a Gossamer crankset and put on a different one, but it could take several hours work to earn the money to do so. You can always get the SRAM compact crankset and put on some 36/46 rings from TA or FSA, that would get you exactly where you want to go.
The Gossamer crankset will work no sweat with the SRAM stuff. Just make sure you have a newer ten-speed version (anything made after 2006ish should work). If you have a nine speed version you should be able to flip the inner chainring to get it spaced closer to the outer one. We do the opposite all the time when putting newer cranks on older nine speed setups.
thanks Kyle. Great tip.


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