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Last year just before 'cross season I bought a bike with SRAM Rival grouppo. While I like it for the most part, I have almost always had issues with the front shifting - either it takes a fair amount of effort to get the chain to climb up to the big ring or I have to *really* soft pedal to get it to shift, or it tosses the chain to the outside of the crank. I have had the shop I bought it at adjust the front derailleur, I've tweaked it, and several other mechanics that are well-regarded have adjusted the front derailleur. Limit stops, cable tension, and angle have all been adjusted to get this dialed in.

When it works, it works pretty well but it's been unpredictable as to when it acts up. Lap Two at USGP-Louisville it didn't want to go to the big ring but laps one, three and four were just fine (as an example).

On the workstand it works beautifully. Under feet it feels like a fight to get it to shift sometimes. Several other people locally have also had issues with SRAM front shifting including the mechanics at one of the shops (he doesn't dislike SRAM, just says the SRAM fronts are more difficult to work well). What really puzzles me is my monster crosser with Tiagra shifters, 105 front der and ancient Deore rear der just shifts soo much easier. This shouldn't be - the newer, more expensive stuff is supposed to work better, right?

Is there something obvious I'm overlooking? I'm about ready to toss it.

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I have had the same issues, thought it was just dirty.  What I have been doing is holding the shifter over for an extended period this it grabs, Since I now know that it is going to do this, I push hard and hold the shift lever over.  But I love the Rival.

Yeah, I've been holding the lever over until it catches but it doesn't always work.

So far, what has worked has been to give a light coat of grease to the bushing the pulley rides on, and going with teflon-coated cable. NOw the FD shifts pretty good except under load - so you still have to back way off.

But it's shifting much better!



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