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We had our first really cold CX races in Michigan this weekend, temperatures below freezing on both days. Several of us with new SRAM hydro discs had real problems with braking. There was much more dead stroke in the levers and occasionally the levers went all the way to the bar without the brakes engaging.

Has anyone else had this experience? Any solutions? My brakes worked fine that morning in my basement, but were pretty poor when I pulled the bike out of my truck to race.

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I've experienced similar issues on my Red Hydro brakes in the cold being sluggish to return to the normal quickly and then working fine the next morning inside.  These things have proven to need frequent bleeding to help this issue. 


The dead stroke on those levers is somewhat voodoo depending on conditions and even a decent wreck has proven to change the stroke for me.  They are the double edged sword of working so well when bled recently and then deteriorating based on time and conditions.  I really wish there was a take-up adjustment screw.  Hopefully version 2.0 next year with a 1x11 addresses some of the issues.

This weekend I grabbed my bike for a pre-race shakedown on

Apparently this got appended.

When I pulled out my bike before last week's race... no front brake. Bled both ends several times getting plenty of air. I bled the brakes in the cold and kept the bike outside, sub-freezing, up until my race. I had brakes. But at least two guys had levers go all the way to the bar. It seems like the problem is with warming/cooling cycles.

We have a recall now, so I wonder what SRAM is going to do.

Lo and behold a recall! When I called SRAM all I got was: "Never heard of that. Are you sure you bled them correctly?"

for anyone reading this thread late and not seeing the official recall, it's here: SRAM Recalls Hydraulic Rim and Disc Brakes - RED 22 and S-700.


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