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anyone there use stans in there tubes to stop flats? dont want to change to tubeless just want to stop snake bites and flats

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I've tried a couple times to get Stan's through a valve that was not removable to no avail. I HAVE been able to do the same thing with CaffeLatex using one of the NoTubes application syringes. I now have some CaffeLatex in my tubes and repeatedly bash the $hit out of them on the rocks in the Marin Headlands on my commute/funrides home. No pinch flats so far. I've even had one hit so hard that it put a small cut into the tire, and the CaffeLatex sealed the tube and tire with no big deal.

I bet that my tube is latexed (I think that is the scientific term) to the tire by now, but whatever.

Some people bash CaffeLatex because it doesn't work quite as well as Stan's, but I will ALWAYS keep some around for this exact type of use.

Anyone know of removable valve core tubes with a longer valve stem? Then using Stans would be an option for all applications.
I've done this for over a year. I get tubes with removable cores and load Stan's into the tubes, then re-inflate. It works reasonably well except for pinch flats. Last year I ran Stan's, without tubes using Stans ZTR rims and Kenda Cross Extreme tires. I had no flats all season and over the winter.

I'm using CaffeLatex... using the same method Steve suggests.

I'd agree that CaffeLatex probably doesn't work quite as well for some times of flats--but I'd say Slime Pro works better than Stans in those scenarios.
fall down are you using latex tubes or are you saying they have been covered with latex from the caffelatex
hey there - i do use sealant sometimes in tubes (conti, kenda, and challenge have removable core options) but it's for protection on punctures, not pinches. unless you have a tiny pinch flat, it's hard to get sealant to seal such holes, since there are two of them and they are facing on the inside.

VN did some testing on this and found the same results. but if you ride near glass/thorns, I highly recommend adding sealant.


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