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Has anyone else had pure frustration with the Stan's NoTubes Cyclocross Kit? 


Disclaimer, I read the instructions twice and viewed the 'how-to' video twice.  My Focus Mares Disc bike has Rodi Stylus Rims built on Shimano hubs.  I tried 'No'Tubes' with the original rim strip intact, with removing the rim strip and using one layer of the Stan's tape, then two layers, and also drilling a 3/8" hole through the top layer of the valve hole.  Each time the rim strip with integrated 44mm Presta valve set fairly well.  I was able to set the tires each time, but no luck with pumping air.  Dumped $70 into what is essentially a failed expiriment.  Am I alone here??


Although tubeless is 'cheap' on paper.. seems like there are hidden costs...


Any recommendations going forward?  Am I better off buying Stan's Notube rims and replacing the existing rims but keeping spokes and hubs?  Or is this the point I go the custom route and do the tubular wheel setup?

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Inflation can be A challenge with some tire and rim combinations. Removing the valve core from the valve stem will allow more air into the tire. See if it will seat the tire for you.

Thanks Bob.  I tried removing the valve, but still no luck in inflating the tires.  They're not the greatest rims and several variables come into play, including my skill at running the tubeless setup!


In your estimation, using the Stan's NoTube rims, does that tend to simplify things?  Which of the rims would be suitable for a cyclocross bike running disc brakes?  The rear spacing is 135 like a MTB.  Thanks for your help.

My next suggestion would be to try a compressor.  You can use a blow gun with the valve stem removed and this may pop the bead of the tire onto  the rim.


Using Stan's rims does simply things.  The majority of cross tires will inflate with a hand pump.  The rim to use for cross is the Alpha 340.  Stan's now has a disc wheel set especially developed for cross


Full disclosure I work for Stan's doing customer service and sales.  



Thanks Bob, I realized you were with Stan's.  One more question and then I'll transfer the answer as the first post on our Disc Brake group.  So the two options using the ZTR Alpha 340 with disc brakes are: 1. The wheelset you mentioned with a 135mm rear spacing or 2. Buy the 32 hole rims,, build the wheels up and use the Stan's 44mm Tubeless Road Valve Stem, and the yellow tape.  Then outside of the Stan's sealant solution and tires, nothing else needed right?
You are correct.

Mike, don't give up. Many of us at CXM at tubeless evangelists. There are so many benefits that it's worth a few trials and tribulations. I have had some late nights sweating buckets with my floor pump.  Josh Patterson (intern, now with Dirt Rag) said if you can't do it with a floor pump, then it's not a race-worthy setup, and I tend to agree. Although I'd love for a compressor to show up at the CXM office!  A notubes rim does make it easier - and allows conversion of some more marginal tires, but one of the most reliable setups I ever had was a Michelin Mud 2 on a Mavic Aksium rim - I think it held air for a year without new sealant or a leak.


Not being familiar with that rim, I can say that a few rims have been more troublesome - and that's the sealed rims like the Ksyrium and the Dura Ace rims.  I think by adding all the different layers to seal a rim, you have a better chance for a better seal, plus both those rims seem pretty deep.


We have a full review of the Alpha 340 in Issue 12 of the print magazine, btw, but we've also had great success with the 29er rim-brake rims, and they add a nice amount of volume to tires - but brake setup can be a challenge on some brakes...


Bob, do you guys have an ability to make that disc wheelset in 130mm spacing?

Hi Bob, one more question to add.

For cyclocross what min tire width can the ZTR Crest rim accomodate? and is there a weight limit on this rim?

There are no weight limits on any of Stan's rims.  Weight limits are determined by a combination of the rim, spokes and hub used for a wheel build. We have mounted a 25mm Hutchinson Road tubeless tire on a Crest 29.  You should not have any problems mounting standard cross tires on a Crest 29 rim.  



We have no plans to make an Alpha Disc 130mm rear wheel.  We do not have a 130mm  rear disc hub and do not believe that any of the major hubs manufactures are producing a 130mm rear disc hub.  Many of the existing cross frames can accommodate a 135mm  rear hub.  It will be interesting to see which way the industry standard for cross disc rear wheels finally ends up.  Also 355 29er rims are not out of production and we do not have any black rims left in inventory.  An Arch 29 rim would be a good substitute for rim brake cross use.  These rims are still available.

Bob, you said "are not out of production" but did you mean are out of production?


were the rim brake ztr race 29er rims the same as the disc, just with sidewall treatment to remove annodization? they sure look the same.




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