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My 2010 xc/cross bike is here, and it's done. I scored a Redline Monocog over the holidays and just finished the last of the parts upgrades last week. I decided to have fun with it, and added pink highlights to an otherwise sedate gunmetal blue frame. I've taken it out to the local park a couple of times to play.

--larger-diameter tubing makes carrying over barriers slightly more, um, interesting. Suitcasing over a quick barrier isn't bad but carrying the frame under my shoulder requires a little more thought.
--bike actually weighs a little more than Version 1.0, perhaps by as much as half a pound. I'm willing to accept the weight penalty for now, since I can't afford/justify a custom bike and since the fit is better (Stompy 1 was a little too small).

--It's a true singlespeed frame, meaning No More Convert and the cleanest possible chainline.
--Kona's main triangle was squashed down, flatter, meaning it was hard to get a good fit and the bike felt a little too small. Redline's frame slightly more open, allowing me to set the seat farther back and get more room for my long legs without sacrificing reach to the handlebars.
--the reasons I can't quite describe technically, Stompy 2 offers a less squirrelly, more stable ride without feeling super-heavy and clunky.

It may be that I eventually get a cross-specific singlespeed bike, but for 2010 I'll race short-track AND cross on the Redline and see how I do.

Meanwhile, I have to decide what to do with the Kona. Strip and part out, or sell off as a bike? Currently set up as a singlespeed, with a flat bar. Maybe I'll just clean it up, hang onto it until the spring and then sell it off as a short-track bike.

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OMG there's a female Stompy???

Mr. Stompy
Stompy was named by a bike buddy of mine who noticed the HUGE BMX pedals I installed (Crank Bros 5050XX's -- YUM), and commented that the bike looked like "stompy stompy bmx'y fun".
It stuck.
I race with big gnarly flat pedals because I CANNOT use clipless (medical reasons), and because my last adventures in dirt were in the early 70's at the dawn of BMX. Basically, I built myself a bike that would help me get my handling skills back (muscle memory never dies), and with the Misfit bars and flat pedals it's basically like BMX For Big People. A delicious riding experience.

Your stompy looks nice, almost too sleek for such a crunchy name. Happy riding --B
Cool ride Beth. And FYI - you can use the picture icon to put photos up. Let everyone see her!

Thank you. I STILL get stumped by this feature and forget to use it. Someday I will learn me how to use them computer thangs...

Updated drivetrain, including swapped over cranks and NEW pedal plates...


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