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What are the popular supplements or secret tonics you are using, besides oatmeal and redbull!

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I'm also interested to hear what people have to say.

I normally just take a can of Lukozade Alert. It does seem to help me focus.
Any type of soda or coffee. Energy drinks usually make me sick. I'm sure everyone has there own thing that works for their body. Everyone is different.
My breakfast race morning is usually a mix of whey protein and carb replacement powder (I use Ultra Fuel) about three hours before a race. Then usually a clif bar or some other small solid food an hour or so before. Been known to down a Red Bull in there somewhere too.
homemade banana bread and noxplod mixed with cranberry juice.
coffee and beer
I figured those were so common in cross that they would'd be considered supplements, just ordinary nutrition strategy.
A Redbull or Steaz Energy drink, oatmeal or a few eggo waffles with nutella a few hours before the race. Check out Hammer Nutrition for an excellent supplement called Race Caps Supreme !
I like to use sportenine by boiron i take it before during and after rides. Its the size of an alka seltezre and you chew it. I don't have the normal soreness in my legs after a tough day in the saddle when I take it.


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