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So we're sure many of you heard about the spat at the USGP between the JP and TJ that stems from Gloucester last year or earlier. There's a little attention and video on it in our full race report, and VN did a lot more on it. We don't necessarily want to highlight the negative aspect of the sport and race on our home page, but we are curious on hearing your thoughts about the topic.

When is contact and tactics just part of racing? What do you consider crossing the line? Is braking to stall a group, trying to pass right before a corner or changing lines in a corner okay?

Were you at the races (Gloucester 2009 and Planet Bike Cup 2010) and actually saw what happened?

Or have an experience in your own race that you think was dirty racing? Or attempt a clean pass or to help a teammate and someone else thought it was dirty or unsafe?

Share your thoughts. There aren't crystal clear rules or officiating on these kinds of things and thus the community's pulse is of interest to us.

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I think that as long as you dont grab someone or run them into the tape its OK but when you start to cross (pun intended) the line you should be DQ'd or at least a time penalty.

I'm a TJ fan but that was an F-d up BMX move. One thing to protect your position it's totally different to bomb and hack another rider. Hell that move looked like something you see in Cat 5 Crit racing. As far as Page protecting his wheel, really? There was no time to do that at the speed TJ was crossing his line, I think if Page wasn't there TJ would have blown through the corner and ended up in the tape. IMHO total act of agression.



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