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So I'm trying to install some cx8.4 brakes on my bike and I ran into an issue.  It seems like the rear brake bolds on my bike are somewhat non-standard and thus I cannot get the pad close enough without have almost now cable exposed after the noodle.  Leads to the brake being just about un-useable. 

The only way I can get it to work is to adding some extra spacers.  My question is will this be an issue.  And if it's not an issue where do you think you could get extra spacers. 



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If you can - take a picture and post it. 

Have you tried swapping the washers/spacers that are already on there (sometimes the spacer on the outside is wider than the one just behind the pad holder)? Agree that a picture's needed, though. Those brake studs sound really wide.

I'll post a pic tonight.  The issue is the bike was designed for spooky brakes which used a post style pad.  With that brake style you got the best braking power, which is not much, by spacing the studs around 75m vs the now standard 80mm.  I talked to a tech at trp who said I should be able to add some 3mm and be ok. 

Ah, OK. That makes sense. Kool Stop and Avid both sell their adjustable ball-and-socket spacer kits as separate hardware packages for less than $5. Those could be used just as plain spacers if you can't find fat enough washers.


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