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Time to start the specific training for this unusual cyclocross race. And I've already encountered a problem. My calves and tendons behind my knees really stiffen up when walking uphill. Need to get it sorted and wondered if there was anything more I can do other than stretch. Runnings not a problem, but the peaks involved are too much to run.

100% guaranteed to work plans please! 

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Entries out July 1st and fill within three hours! fingers crossed.l
Is registration online or through the mail?
I'm guessing online from 1st July as I've been told it fills within hours.

I've been reading peoples blogs about the race. The image of a string of riders as far as the eye can see with bikes on their backs hauling themselves up the fells by hanging on to an old fence is epic.
I'm in - this is so far removed from a typical cross race I don't know what to expect?

But anyway WooHoo.
Congrats, me too.

Any idea of the grade of the steep sections?
I'll try and find out. Problem is the climbs are 'footpaths' so out of bounds on any other day.
My impression is that it's a mad road dash to each hill, a short rideable incline then a hike.
Where are you coming from?
I'm coming from Southern California. Just getting to the Dales will be an adventure.
Carl.... And No.2. ... You won't regret the journey Please read my blog for hints and tips, thoughts, obsession, etc... and feel free to message me for any specifics you wanted to know. The forum of full of helpful people too. Seeya in September. Bring your pain proof clothing.
I saw a photo from this race in a recent issue of Roleur and couldn't understand what I was seeing, a run-up that looked like it was easily two to three miles long. Then I went to the web site for the race and realized that yes, this was actually a cyclocross race. An INSANE race, but an actual race nonetheless. It's like the Paris-Brest-Paris of cyclocross (and you thought randonneurs were nuts). Wow. These people are mad. Just finishing the course without dying would be an accomplishment.


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