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In 'cross it is the elusive remount that I lack the most skill in.  My limit is primarily due flexibility/strength to get my inner thigh on saddle while walking/jogging.  So I launch my self a bit to try to jump on the seat...typically with mixed results and levels of self-induce pain.

Does anyone have any suggestions on improving this skill? It seems critical AND valuable in other riding (Fatbike race this past weekend looked a lot like a snow 'cross course)


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Well, you have about 5 months to work on your flexibility before you really need to work on remount training! 

Without being overly glib, it really might be as simple as spending 15-20 minutes, 3x a week on stretching.

I'm not terribly fast, and am usually the only single speed moron in Cat 3s, but I generally finish midpack because of my dismount/remounts. Definitely worth working on until you can comfortably slide your thigh onto the saddle at walking,then jogging, and finally racing speed.


When in doubt, always check with the skills section on here:

Its a really good how-to.  And yes, stretching a couple times a week will help you with everything.

Awesome.  Thanks much.  I work on mobility almost every day focusing on hips, shoulder and back. As the weather warms I intend to make this my technical focus for the summer.  I am lucky to have a local MTB trail near my house to ride which also provides a great place to work on bike skills and conditioning.


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