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It's been slow around here.


I've ridden both tires back to back. The PDX is better. Larger casing (eg lower pressure) and equal grip and clearing ability.


What say you?

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They should have made it green, then EVERYONE would want it!

Does it come in a tubular version?

I talked to the Clement guys at nats and they said they were hoping to come out with a tubular by next season.

I've heard they work great as tubeless conversions too! Have you measured the width, by any chance? Wonder if they're sub 33mm (depending on rim width, I suppose), for those who care. I wanna try them! And, are you comparing them to the old-skool Muds or the new ones?

They passed at natz, according to a friend who was there.


Yeah, the old school Muds. The newer black ones are horrible.

I am considering these tires for next season, would you say they'd be a good all around tire?

Pretty good. They're a tad agro for straight grass but if you're going to go with one tire I always recommend going with a mud tire since that's the worst case scenario. They have a pretty solid center tread and a pretty nice casing so they do pretty well.

I run ~28 PSI in the PDX. I can only do around 32 or so on the Mud (and 35 at least on the Mud 2)

I'm around 135. I've always been able to run low pressure for whatever reason. Same with MTB tires.

I agree 100% they are the best tires I have ever ridden, Got an early glimpse of these in Aug, at a great local shop and fell in love with them, I ride very aggressively, and they stick!!!  I am half tempted to send a set or 2 to FMB and have them made into tubulars... anyone have experience doing this?  How long does it take, how much ...etc  and at 220, I was able to ride them at around 39-45 depending on the course.

Hit up C Nystrom about FMB. He did that this year.

Read this last weekend and, needing new tires I ordered a set from Tree Fort Bikes on Tuesday. To my supprise they arrived today. Immediately put them on pumped them to 35# and took off on a ride. Had Michelins on before. These really hooked up and gave a more confident feal. Bombed some down hills I would usually use alot of brake on because they felt loose. Bottom of the down hill, hard left turn, loose over mud, the front started to break away. A little bit of correction and it hooked right back up. I like these so far.


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