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It's been slow around here.


I've ridden both tires back to back. The PDX is better. Larger casing (eg lower pressure) and equal grip and clearing ability.


What say you?

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Ride it since yesterday, first impression: very nice. even onroad.


we reviewed them in issue 10 in the print mag - had some of the earliest versions.  agreed they've got great volume and are quite light for the width.  measured width is in the mag (I forget off the top of my head) but it depends on the rim of course, and pressure. on narrow rims they should pass a 33mm test, and on most any rim will pass the 35mm test.


they are very rhino-like...not a big surprise because donn has been trying to develop a rhino killer for a while.  and these tires share almost all the good things of the rhino, except the suppleness of a nice tubular casing.


the one thing to remember is that when pumped to higher pressures some use clinchers at, the center tread isn't as grippy when you don't have all those knobs engaging...but the flip side is that it makes it perhaps a slightly faster-rolling tire.  i think it's a great all-around tire in general, perhaps slightly better as a front than rear.  fwiw, I'm always leaning towards more traction than less, as I'd rather be slightly slower on fast sections and be able to ride something and not slide out or crash and lose a bunch of time because of such a mishap. 


I would not agree that the michelin mud2 is horrible - although I wish it was larger in volume, it's an overall very good tread still - and there's a reason pros have cut those up (as well as the green mud) and slapped them on tubulars.


another tire very much worth a look for sloppy stuff is the rocket ron. not a great all-conditions tire but perhaps my top choice for complete slippery nasty stuff (issue 10 had tons of tire reviews in our second giant tire round-up)


I will say though, while I love tubeless, I couldn't get this tire to work well as a conversion on converted rims. we'll keep trying as it would be an ideal match - and will try stan's rims.


and the LAS is one of my favorite semi-slick treads (mostly due to volume and weight).


The new Maxxis Mud Wrestler is more rhino-like...

rode it yesterday for the first time

 i will compare both, but i will take time

I know, long time gap here, but overall impressions of the Mud Wrestlers?


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