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I have several sets of tires and trying to find the best set to try a tubeless setup with. The wheels will be Fulcrum 7s. The tires I have are: Kenda Kommandos, Panaracer CrossBlasters, Maxxis Raze and Ritchey Speedmax.

So, sugesstions? Experiences? Any specific no-gos?




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I haven't tried any of those tires, but it's usually hard to get something to work with a non-tubeless specific tire because the tire casing isn't air tight and the tire bead stretches too much to make a seal with the rims.  Some of my buddies have had luck with coating the interior of the tire with rubber cement to make a seal....

Hey JD, Eric,


Have to disagree with Eric - we've had lots of success with non-tubeless tires. It does sometimes take a bit to fully seal the tiny holes - but usually not very long.  Typically I can ride right after sealing up a tire.


Search "Going Tubeless" on our site for a list of tires that have worked.  The rim matters too btw. Will you be using a Stans cyclocross rim strip? In our experience, even with most "tubeless ready" wheels, a stans strip is helpful if not essential for low pressure.  The exception would be the Stans/Notubes rim or tubeless rims with the Hutchinson tires with the carbon bead (not the old ones).


Regarding your list, the Panaracer and Kenda tires should work great. Iffy on the Ritchey and a no go on the Raze. The CrossBlaster is narrow but light...and great on a wide rim.





Yes I plan on using the whole Stan's shooting match. Glad to hear that the Panaracer is a good bet, with it being so light I was hoping to try.
not sure on your typical riding surface, but we got some of the new cedric gracia cyclocross tires in testing, and they're listed 1mm wider and still light. stay tuned!

Thanks. I had Parts 1 and 2 from back issues, and it seems part 3 was the small piece that would have answered the questions for me!


Excellent, I know what I'm doing this summer.


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