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I got bitten by the cross bug last year.
I'm a long time rd/mtn racer but had never tried cross as I was usually burnt out 
on racing after a full season of rd and mtn racing.  However, after missing all last summer due to an injury,  I decided to try cross and boy did I get hooked. :-)  I did the season on an old converted mtn bike: full ridged with drop bars and cross gearing.  I do however want to build up a proper Cx bike.  I was going to treat myself to a Ridley X-fire.  However, the stand over will not work.  The other two that came to mind that have the proper fit are the Ibis Hakkaluggi and Salsa Chili Con Crosso.   If anyone has any experience with either, feel free to  offer you opinion.  Or make other suggestions.  I should add that I'm only looking for a frame set.  


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The x-fire runs big. Look at the top tube length when determining size, and forget about stand over height! Completely unimportant when looking at a cx racing bike - the x-fire is tall because of a high bottom bracket. bb height is important, it affects cornering handling and pedal strike - comes down to personal preference on how you want your bike to ride.
I love my Salsa Chili Con Crosso . However , you may want to consider if you plan to use disc vs. V brakes. Discs are now legal and stop quicker V brakes are lighter. Hakkaluggi has a possibility for discs Salsa doesn't as far as I know. That said I think the Salsa scandium bike is superior. Both are great bikes no doubt.
I built up 2010 TCX and I was really happy with it. I am selling but only for the reason that I absolutely love my 2009 Tricross because of the more upright riding position and lets face it, everybody has that ONE bike that is just THEIR bike. I recommend the TCX for a frame is really light and really stiff.


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