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Hey folks. I know about the UCI rule change for the maximum tire width to 33mm. I'm racing the 2/3 race in Louisville, is it a problem if I'm racing Tufo Flexus Primus 34mm tires in my race since I'm not pro? I've searched everywhere and can't get a clear answer. Any help is greatly appreciated. I just don't want to travel all the way out there and get DQ'd. Thanks so much again!


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The clarification that came from USA cycling was that the UCI rule changes around tire widths are only applied to UCI races and Nationals. Since you don't need a UCI license for the 2/3 race you are fine. Case in point at Starcrossed they checked UCI elite men and women's classes, but no one elses...

Full message posted to the Seattle forum:
Below is a summary of some updates from USA Cycling that many have been wondering about:

UCI Cyclocross Update
[*] UCI rules apply to UCI races and National Championship events (for those aged 17 and over). Seattle Cyclocross races are not UCI.
[*] Tire width does not apply to regular domestic events.
[*] No ban on disc breaks for domestic events or UCI events.
[*] Juniors in UCI races are not required to purchase an International license.
Hi there. I'm glad this clarification is out there. I went through the USAC site and regulations books, and couldn't find any of this! I swear those guys try their best to confuse and bewilder.
As it is, I'm racing State Champs next weekend (Cat 4. Ha!) and would love to have this stuff printed from the official USAC/UCI rulebook so as to be able to show it to anyone (officials included!) who question or try to challenge my . . . er . . . Challenges in 34. Might you have a link to the document from which these were pulled?

hey there, as of now, tires up to 35mm are good for all but the elite men/women/u23/jr categories.

see this: 33mm cyclocross tire width rule reversed

other recent 2010 cyclocross rules just passed that will impact the national cha....
You're good to go on 34mm tires for all local races including USGP races (excluding Elite). The only exception is if you plan on racing Nationals where they will enforce the 33m rule for masters, juniors, and Elite riders.
Thanks guys! Really appreciate it.


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