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Out of curiosity, how likely is the new UCI tire size restriction to be enforced on Category 2's and 3's at races like the USGP's or for masters fields at Nationals? I really don't want to have to buy and glue a new front tire.

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2/3 not at all since it's not a UCI class. Masters probably since it it a UCI race.
Not exactly what you asked, but I was surprised to see UCI Officials at Starcrossed bust out the calipers to measure each and every Elite Men's racer's front tire.

They didn't mess with the 1/2 Masters though.
Wow, that's amazing. Were they measuring casing or knob to knob? I feel pretty safe at the 2/3 race at Louisville, but am wondering about the 30-34 race at nats. I'm spending a good deal of money to do these races and as much as I feel like a cheapskate, don't really want to spend the $ for a new tubular. Any more advice and experience on this issue would be rad. Thanks a lot.
I wouldn't worry about the the 2/3 race at the USGP events as that race is not a UCI class, just the elite field and U23. At Nationals that may be another story according to this press release.


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