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What would generally the best all around cx tire be. My new (used) bike showed up today. Tires are Hutchinson pro series something I cant read whats left of the side wall. They are pretty knobby and in some what good shape. Since I'm just starting what would the suggestion be for me to start with or shall I just run these untill the are wore out? 

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That's really tough since conditions can vary so much depending where you are in the country. I found my Panaracer Cinder-X to be a decent all around tire. It handles all the dry stuff well and is decent enough in the mud. This year I will be prepared with several tire choices since clinchers are relatively cheap. I've got file tread for the fast dry courses, the Panaracers for the courses heavy on single track, and I will be picking up some mud tires just in case the CX gods bless us with some actual mud this year.
Thanks that helps. I'm looking at doing the same.
I like IRD crossfire, they are a 32. I have also used the Kenda kwicker. I am not a fan, really weak traction on the up hill with slick conditions. Right now I am trying Clament crusade PDX, I think they are ok. I need to work with tire pressure a little, hooking up on gravel is a real chore right now.
The Michelin Mud 2 is a great all around tire for dirt sand & gravel. Suffers on pavement and hardpan k but not too badly. Can't say about snow, and only the new Deghast will be effective on ice! Michelin Mud2's mount up easily as tubeless on Stan's rims too 
With some racing started, has anyone found a new favorite all around? Sounds like the Michelin Mud 2's are solid choice.
I got some Vittoria file treads and some of the Michelin green mud tires off ebay. Both brand new both cheap cant wait for some mud to try out the greenies. The file treads work great.
Maxxis Larson Mimo's for me, great all around tire, good in mud, (great at PIR), good fast line/hardpack


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