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Tires tires! I want to pick up a new set of tires that would be best for the Legendary Canadian race - The Paris to Anaster. The race site describes the course as:

Inspired by the classic race, (Paris-Roubaix) the Paris to Ancaster has taken place for the past nineteen years over the roughest farm lanes, trails and gravel roads we can find. Combined with unpredictable spring weather and the largest field of riders assembled in Canada, it has become a classic race experience for everyone from average riders to Canadian Olympians. Join us on April 14, 2013 to become part of the history of this unique race.

It is a 70 Km course and does included about 15 Km on paved side roads.

So any thoughts?

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I've raced it every year since 2006. I've used challenge Grifo XS (filetread) tubulars every year on my CX bike with no issues. It's not like a cross race with lots of turns. More like a road race with off road sections.

Yeah. I raced last year on Grifo XS and found them to be good but they were questionable through some of the muddy sections. I used Schwalbe CX Pros the year before and was faster, but I think everyone was faster in 2011. Garrigan lost more time last year than I did (lol). But he was still 40 minutes ahead of me. I think he was using white Grifo XS as well. Just wondering what other thoughts are out there. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on all rounders for this race. Merry Christmas! Thanks for chiming in!

In a very dry spring one year I rode it on 32mm touring road tires, but typically I also have ridden file treads, there's always the two mud shoots even in the dry years which I normally run and save the risk of a mechanical. It would have to be very wet to warrant running something like a grifo or typhoon.

If the terrain creates possibility of pinch flats I'd go for tubular wheel/tire combo first off all.  As far as the tire I've tried these two (road tires) in such conditions and both were excellent:

Challenge Paris-Roubaix

Vittoria Pave CG

I also would say that Continental Sprinter Gatorskin 25mm tubie would be great too.  I sell it for $50.27 each shipped with a coupon 5OFFNONSTOPAT75.  Sorry for shameful advert :-(

I only raced road bikes in these types of races.

Just to clarify - in the description they mention trails - they mean single track trails. Sometimes, like last year, very muddy.

Sounds like file treads with a bit of side knob (in case of excess mud) would be the way to go, BUT I have not ridden this course myself. That said... Grifo XS isn't bad, but there's the Duro EllieMae, Kenda Happy Medium or Ritchey SpeedMax that have a bit more side knob. Clement has a few "gravel grinder" treads that may fair well, also.

If especially dry, I'd roll with Clement's Strada LGG is the 28c.

I was researching the Clement LAS. Seems like it might be the answer. Side knobs look a little more aggressive than the Grifo XS. Anyone have experience with both? I like that I can find the XS for $50 and in 34mm. But if the LAS side knobs give the extra bite in the slick spots I'd be willing to ante up.
Paris to Ancaster looks like an incredible race. There are smaller gravel rides here near Seattle and I hope they happen again this year.
It is pretty awesome. Best part is because of the time of year you have know idea what weather you will get. I have ridden trough snow flurries at - 5 celcius and some years it can be 20 Celcius. You finish the race and cannot wait for the next one.

It is a 70 Km course and does include about 15 Km on paved side roads


I came to the same conclusion, while trying to predict the 2013 course using the info published on the website. Trouble is, I am not 100% sure. Their website says 8 km of paved roads for the P2A race and 10 km for the StG2A race. I think you are right, though. Where did you get that 15 km from?

Just memory. Seemed like more than 8 Km.


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