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I'm setting up my first frame that routes all 3 cables along the top tube. I'm wondering if there is a standard order for the cables. I use my right lever for my front brake, so I don't know if that will make a difference. I was considering FD, RD, rear brake from left to right when looked at while straddling the bike. Does it matter?

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Standing on the bike, looking down at the top tube...

From left to right (left side of bike to right):

Front Derailleur (left)
Rear Brake (center)
Rear Derailleur (right)

If you place the RD in the middle, you will have to cross the cables. Also, placing the RD on the right gives you the straightest shot down the seat stay.
What is the part needed to reverse the direction of the front derailleur cable to allow it to work as needed. Or do you just pull the cable from top to bottom through the FD?

Shimano makes a top-pull cross specific FD (CX70) which would be my first choice.  I used it for the first half of the season and front shifts were the best I've had on my cross bike (sorry, SRAM).  More commonly, there is a pulley that is placed below the FD (the frame should have a place to screw it in), and this turns the cable around.

Any pictures of your cable routing through that Shimano top pull derailleur?

Don't have a picture of mine (sold that bike), but it looked just like any top-pull MTB setup.  The cable left the housing up near the saddle at the last housing stop and runs directly to the derailleur.

There is also a german company called Speed that makes converters to turn a bottom pull derailleur to a top-pull. I'm using one on my sram FD and it works better than the pulley did.


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