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Anyone have experience with the Topeak gauges? I just bought the SmartGauge D2 and am curious as I checked my tires and thought I had been running approx 40psi. The gauge is showing 29.


So, looking for accuracy of the gauge or other gauges like it.  I use a floor pump and try to guess where I'm at by the gauge on it so the D2 could be dead on for all I know.



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Not sure if you know that the gauge on your floor pump measures the pressure in the hose, rather than the tire. My tire gauges (I'm using the Giant gauge right now) are more accurate than the floor pump, if for no other reason than the fact that they measure actual TIRE pressure. L Zinn has written some interesting articles on this, you may choose to search VeloNews for more info. I can't attest to the accuracy of different gauges as your original question asks...
No, didn't know that but that makes perfect sense. Thanks a lot.
hey Charley,

I had a similar experience. if you read our early first mag or two, I mentioned riding around 30psi in clinchers without issue. I bought a few slime digital gauges (more than one because I didn't believe the first one) and found probably a 5psi difference between the digital gauge and floor pump (like you found, the floor pump being higher). to my surprise, i was actually riding clinchers in the mid 20's at times.

not all floor pumps are that inaccurate - a blackburn pump (reviewed in the mag) offers more accurate readings than my never-will-die zefal. I believe that pumps are more accurate at higher pressures than lower ones. what I noticed is on average my super old zefal husky gives 2psi per stroke on a cx tire, so I read with the gauge and adjust accordingly.

maybe we should review some more gauges. hmm. a related product, if you wanna go super pro, is the prestaflator or air bob, both reviewed in print and online here.
Thanks, Andrew. I was a using a cheaper floor pump and coupled with the lower pressure, it sounds like the greatest potential for inaccuracy.


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