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heard some reports that UCI officiating was crazy at the Toronto races. Anyone have any details on that?

At the canadian nats the UCI officials were training, measuring saddle fore/aft, preventing hats, glasses, and pants on the podium. I guess they were putting this practice to work in Toronto?

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here's what I saw...
1) Having to show mechanics' license to get into the pit, and handing out separate day 1 and day 2 wristbands, which they checked at the start of the uci elite races.
2) they had a jig at the corral of day 1. They started trying to measure everyone's bike for max length and for distance from bottom bracket to saddle, but they got through like 4-5 and saw it wasn't going to work. Ten min to the start, 50+ bikes to go, total downpour... so they gave up.
3) i got yelled at for doing a bike handup in the pit and having another wrench catch the other bike for me. this is pretty standard practice and we do it all the time, but first i was told "you can only help your rider" and then that doing this was making the rider take too many steps without touching a bike.

i didn't see them anywhere near the podium. i could be wrong. there were like 3 photographers and that's it watching the day 1 podium- it was cold and miserable. generally the officials hand the results over to the promoter and the promoter runs the podium.
Check out Kabush's "Roughly 18 Questions" - a profile on

He mentions the officiating at the Canadian Nationals & Jim Horner GP races....check it out.
J-Pow has a little something to say about it today too... I consider this a big deal since the last thing a rider wants to be known for is whining about officials. It must have been really bad in his eyes to warrant commentary.
"The UCI officials in Canada were pretttty interesting. Nice people but some of the rules they were enforcing were off. For example they were really strict on all the mechanics having bracelets for the pits, they measured some of the bikes before the start to make sure everything was legal, Now, I’ve had my TT bike measured plenty of times, my cross’ bikes weighed a handful of times, but I actually didn’t know any requirements regarding cross’ bikes in terms of length etc so it caught a lot of people off guard, especially right before the start…anyhow, its good they enforce the stuff, but I just assume spend the time on the right efforts and not on the stuff that doesn’t make any difference, like hassling the mechanics for passes, there were only 15 people in the pit to begin with, so I thought it was a non issue, but then again I’m not a UCI official. They also mentioned giving TJ a fine for having the red,white and blue kit. (they didn’t know Tim was American champ)"


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