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Training Camps: Experiences and what you'd like to see?

Hey everyone!

Working on a CXM piece on training camps and how to find one or even put one together with a few friends. I wanted to know: have you done a training camp before, and if so, what were some of your (good and bad) experiences? Also, if you were to design a training camp, what would your dream training camp be?


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I have never attended a CX camp (though I probably should).  However, given my experiences in my rookie year, here's my take:

  • Day Sessions:
    • Mounts / dismounts.  From both the left and right sides of the bike (learned this one the hard way.  At least the mob was entertained).
    • Obstacle avoidance.  Lots of riders hit things they shouldn't.
    • How and when to bunny-hop.  And when not to even try.
    • Barrier management.
    • Handling off-camber turns.
    • Riding sand vs. mud vs. wet grass.
    • Dealing with maladies.  Broken RD hanger, mud build-up, sandy cleats/pedals, etc.
    • Lots of riding!
  • Evening Sessions:
    • Intro to Heckling.  How to heckle and be heckled, a labor of love.
    • Advanced Heckling.  Personalizing your heckles and the reverse-heckle.
    • Nutrition Management.  Beer is okay, Malort is not.  How much bacon should one eat at max. HR?
    • Wheelies and Endos.  Because they're awesome.

I did a training camp last year and it was good, my only complaint was that the teacher assumed everyone was fast/competitive. I asked for advice on racing the Gloucester course as it was my 'one big race' for the year, and her advice was to 'get the holeshot'.  Well, even if I quit my job and did nothing but practice cross for a year, my chances of 'getting the holeshot' are basically nonexistent.  Know your audience, I guess.  If you have to, split the newbs/people who haven't raced before into a separate group.  The advice that I can put to use doesn't necessarily apply to a cat3 who's looking for an early season refresher.

we have one coming up later this month.

we are renting a house near Tomales Bay and riding from SF to the house with a sag.  it'll basically be base building and team camaraderie building.  and beer drinking.


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