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So with the news on Cyclocross Magazine of the start-order determining time trial for the Cyclocross Nation..., I'm curious how we might tweak our training for such an odd event?  If at all?  I know I typically don't have that type of all-out speed if it really is about 12 minutes as proposed I probably should do something different.

Curious to hear your thoughts. I'm not going to win a jersey, but might want to give the TT and the title race my best shot.  What do you think? Just go out and do these the day before a race? Shorter intense efforts? I'm guessing all of that plus lots of warm-up before the actual event?

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I don't know that you'd really prepare all that differently. You'd be pretty tapered at that point so your short term power should be good. It would be good to do some ~12 min efforts from a specificity standpoint but physiologically your fitness for that type of event should already be at peak capacity.

It will definitely mean a lot of course prep though. Differences in time are going to come down to scant seconds which means dialing in tire pressure and lines. One blown line is going to matter a lot. As will technique at speed.

I haven't totally thought it through as I don't know all the details. But those are my initial thoughts.
hey ts and cm,

good discussion here. that's true about equipment and line choices - i guess it'd require good inspection of two different courses that way.

i'd imagine warm-up would also be super critical for such a short effort too - no chance of a faster second half of a race for slow starters.

I'm personally curious about how you'd manage recovery? as someone who doesn't often go out and "open up" the day before, what would one do immediately after such an effort to be ready for the next day? simple stuff like spin and get a few calories?

assuming course conditions don't change much, would you personally prefer to have as much time between the tt and the next day race, or the least? heaven forbid we have a mad rush to register just to determine tt start times...
Hi - a 12 minute CX TT is mostly a study in pacing since they said they would be minimizing the technical aspects to level the field a bit. That said I'd probably do a couple of things...
1. set up a 12m TT in your neck of the woods to practice on - it doesn't have to be identical, just similar. It'll help with pacing and knowing just how to handle the effort
2. Work on your VO2 fitness AND your Threshold've got to be able to get off the line quick, but not leave it all at the start. I use a variation of the 'race winner' that Hunter Allen espouses...but mine are built on the premise of VO2 power transitioning to LT power after a couple of minutes. These are very sustainable efforts and really contribute to a high overall average power on teh effort
3. Get good at technical! It may not be 'technical' per se...but it's still a hard race effort on mixed terrain....knowing tire selection and having your skills dialed will be huge..especially since it is likely to be COLD and SNOWY!
4. Learn how to peak your weekly schedule so you arrive at the TT open and ready to go hard. The effort won't have any bearing on your race performance and will likely serve to help you race better in fact...

I'm sure others will think of lots more good advice

Matt McNamara
Sterling Sports Group


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