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Just built up my Redline Conquest and decided it might be nice to actually be able to stop. Got the trp 8.4 mini v's and installed them (mated to DA 7700 levers). They were terrible initially with almost no rim clearance and super spongy feel. Had some travel agents laying around so i put those on. Now I have awesome brakes that stop well and feel really positive. Someday i'll do disks but for now these are pretty dope.

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I'm curious why you chose the 8.4's.  Everywhere I had looked, sources recommended the 9's for Shimano levers.  I paired the 9's with my old (but still functional) 5600 levers and have been completely pleased without using a Travel Agent.  If/when I get mini-v's for my SS, they will be the 8.4's, as I have SRAM levers on that one.

Im planning to upgrade to Sram Red shifters in near future

Well, that explains it perfectly! Hope they perform well for you with the new shifty bits.

I upgraded from discs to TRP 8.4s this season and have been super happy. That bike has Ultegra 9 speed so I didn't need an adapter.
Those shifters should be the same as mine. I got them to "work" fine, but they feel really awesome with the travel agents and there is a lot more rim clearance. I've had a variety of different v-brake set-ups on cross and they can usually be made to work with road levers, but the travel agents make them feel like a good brake should feel.

The trp brakes are meant to work best with the most recent generation of shimano levers which have a different pull ration then the older models.  I have a set of 8.4 matted to new generation shimano levers and they are great but the same break didn't feel very good with campy or older shimano levers. Some people use the travel agent to make them feel better.

According to their site, TRP CX9 works with modern Shimano. The 8.4 is for 9-speed Shimano or SRAM or Campa.

I have 9-speed Shimano (older). I stand by my assessment that they are vastly improved by a travel agent. When I upgrade my shifters, I'll post an update.

I spoke with TRP direct and they said either would work fine with my Ultegra 10 speed levers - 9's for more power and 8.4s for more modulation. I've been having terrible problems with judder and squeal with my TRP CR 950s. The 8.4s should arrive tomorrow so I hope they'll be OK.

Installed Red shifters (2010) and set these up w/o travel agents. They "worked" fine but felt spongy. Installed travel agents to compare - feel way more positive so I left them. These stop better than any cantis Ive ever run, but are inferior to dual pivots or discs.
This is a good article on shuddering cross brakes


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