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anybody work with these pads? Results? thanks.

The latest top-tier development from the engineers at TRP, Inplace Adjust makes your cyclocross brakes simply work better.

  • Adjust your pad angle via a 4mm Allen key in the end-cap
  • CNC machined Aluminum for reduced weight
  • Includes TRP's proprietary brake pad in either Aluminum or Carbon configuration
  • Shimano compatible
  • Complete F/R set of 4 per package
  • Pad holders work with any smooth-post type cantilever brake

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I have.

They can tun a howling chattering mess of a set up into a smooth, quite, perfectly adjusted brake system in just a few minutes.

The installation method I used was to loosen the 4mm allen key end cap, install the pad/holder in the canti, put a zip tie around the rear potion of the pad/holder to set up the toe-in correctly, while pushing the pad against the rim tighten the 4mm allen key end cap to fix the toe-in, remove the zip tie, then adjust the pad/holder so it hits the rim in the right spot and tighten up the canti.

They do add more hardware between the canti and the rim so be prepared to have to replace your straddle cable at the same time, but otherwise the whole thing is a snap to install and it really works well.

I just can't justify spending $80 for those. Especially when velo-orange sells the same thing for $10 a wheel.
That's what I thought, too, so I bought the V-O versions.

Turns out they don't fit in the TRP brakes.

Just FYI. (Anyone looking for an unused set of V-O adjustables?)
I'm using a set in the TRP EuroX brakes and they fit fine.
i have them also and there work really well! the Velo Orange is nice but the TPI guys spent a bit more time taking weight out and they have really nice marks on the pad post for ajustment. but they are spendy but i would do it again.
I was going to get the Velo Orange ones, but read that you have to remove them to adjust the toe-in, so I bit the bullet for the TRPs and they are awesome, very high quality and really easy to adjust. No squealy.
It depends how you set them up. It is possible to adjust them while they are installed if you have the pads set away from the arm. If you push the post all the way back, so the pad touches the arm, you can't adjust them without removing them.
I have the TRP euros on my "A" bike, and absolutely love them. The set-up was simple and overall a very light brakeset. The inline pad adjust was especially helpful with my bike being single-speed, where the wheelbase changes slightly when I switch chainrings... horizontal drop-outs.
These are totally worth the coin. I went from the stock brake pads on my Avid Shorty 6's to Empella Froglegs with these TRP InPlace pads and the difference is wonderful. Almost no squeaking now, and no chatter whatsoever. I'm sold.
For those that got the Velo Orange adjustable shoes to work with the EuroX legs, how did you do it? The post seems larger than the stock version, therefore it won't fit. When I tried to fit them, they just got stuck. I bought the brakes in the fall of '09. Did they change them since then?
I've had no issues with the VO brakes in my TRP's. Make sure the bolt is completely loose - it may take a bit of wiggling to get them in.


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