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I know this at first appears to be a lazy question, but has anyone ever trusted their tubulars from the previous season, without pulling them off the rim and re-gluing them?  I used the Stu Thorne method last year, which includes the Belgian tape, and those babies are still on there and appear to be permanently bonded.  I guess if nothing else I can ride them in training and see how they hold up for now, but I'd be interested to hear if anyone has ever had any success with trying this.



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What type of tubulars are they? Are they aquasealed, what do the sidewalls look like? Where did you store them?


If the seal is good and no dampness got into the sidewall then they should be fine. Some types I would trust more than others though.

They're Challenge Grifos and I sealed the sidewalls.  Sidewalls look good.  I stored them in my basement, which I keep at 50% humidity or less with dehumidifiers, so they shouldn't have been degraded in storage.
Then you should be fine in my humble opinion.

They should be fine. Go around the rim with the tire deflated and check the glue job with your thumb. The guys I know do that and just touch up spots on the year after initially gluing them.


I have Dugast tubulars and I leave them on for at least two years. I store them in a cool closet.  If I was sponsored I wouldn't do it, but.....  For the past 3 years I have only rolled one tire and that was a Dugast on a Mavic Reflex rim.  I used the Belgium tape and I wouldn't recommend that on a a "shallow" rim like the Reflex.  The tape takes up too much space and forces the tires to ride higher, if that makes sense.  I only use the tape on wheels like the new Zipp 303's.  They have a deep gluing area on the rim and allow for the tubular to sit way down into the rim.  For tips on gluing cross wheels check out a video I made for YouTube.  Search for CXNationtv.



Brian Staby

CX Nation 

Ride them at 25+ psi and ride around a bit in your backyard/wherever. If they don't roll, awesome!
Brian, I have ridden the same vittoria's for three seasons of road.  I have touched up the glue in spots occasionally, but never taken the tires off completely.  I don't know if this is applicable to cross since mine were road tires, but so far I haven't had any problems.

I have Tufos on EA70x rims from last year, Belgian glued i.e. permenantly bonded to the rim. I don't think I could pull them off if I tried. The reccomendation to ride them at 25 is right on. See how low you can go. If they stay then you're set.



I agree w/ Chris' view. deflate them and do the pull test on both sides of the rim.  Personally if a loose spot pops up I would reglue.

Thanks for all the replies and suggestions.  I rode them on Sunday and though I didn't corner them as hard as I need to, they show no signs at all of wanting to come off.  My plan is to go all the way around either side of them while trying to pull them off and I'll touch up any spots that show any pull away from the rim.





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