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I currently have tubes kenda 700x35/42c schrader valve. They go flat really easily it seems. I am not sure what the 42c means.... My pump also has a presta valve attachment. Can anyone suggest a brand/site to order from and if presta is better? 


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Do you mean pinch flats or just losing air slowly?

What pressure are you using?

How often do you reinflate them?

my training consists of commuting to work... I am running at 50psi with my studded tires and 60psi with my regular tires. For my last flat it got a hole when I was changing my rubber over to my studded tires (just had our first snowfall here in wisconsin) not doing anything unusual, just changing it out! Also got a couple flats out of the blue over the summer, nothing stuck in the tire or anything, just went flat. They just dont seem to be very high quality tubes or I just got really unlucky.



When you get a flat, it's important to examine the tube to see why. Was there a single puncture? Or a pair of small slices on opposite sides (a pinch flat). This has helped me understand why I get flats and how to avoid them.

I've benefited from Q-Tubes. Or CX Magazine did a pinch flat test and got good results from Continental Tour tubes (heavier and thicker than most).

great! thanks a bunch. Always been single punctures, once with a chunk of metal, twice with nothing found, once was my fault when changing a tire.... Just looking for some tube suggestions because of the no reasons found :)



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