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I just got in some Clement Crusade PDX's and I'm trying to decide where to start testing the tire pressure at. The min pressure on the tire is 45, but i know lots of yall run tube-tied way lower than that. I'm about 200lbs and and like to bunny hop. I'm running them on alex dc19 rims which are 17mm wide, if that is a factor in what pressure i might could run (and if it's not, i'm a cx noob, so deal with it. ;-) )

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I'm about 188.  I'm running the PDXs for the first time this year, so I only have 2 races on them so far.  Last race I went at 32/36 on a hard dirt course with very few rocks. If racing the same course again, would go just a little lower (they were bouncing loose just a bit on the fast downhill corners, and never seemed close to bottoming out).  There's probably not a course out there I'd run them higher than 35/38.

Great tires, btw.  I've been surprised at how well they handle loose, dry Colorado dirt, given that they're billed as mudders.

I am 195 lbs and run mine at 41-45 PSI on the front and about 51+/- on the rear with standard tubes. No flats, no problem and plenty o' grip. Some like to run latex tubes for a better feel, but I have not been all that impressed with 'em. I may go with tubulars one day when I grow up, but for now the PDX's are more than functional for my CX shenanigans.

Sweet. thanks guys. I'd still like to see some more replies to this post though...out of curiosity.


Brian, I've heard lots of folks say that. They seem to rapidly usurping the mud 2's as the best all-around tire out there (and one of THE best in slop).


Hellbelly, how does the back tire at 51 feel? seems like that may get a little stiff on ya in off camber or fast corners.

I'm at 205-210, depending on recent beer consumption.  Depending on how hard and bumpy the course is I generally run tubeless at around 35-37#, tubes +2-4 psi.  Little finnicky to get sealed up but otherwise a great tire.
Thanks for the reply Mike. Is that 35-37 for both or 37 rear 35 front? So you're saying at 197 (as of yesterday) I should prolly be good to safely start em tubed up at 40psi?
Yeah, my bad.  I generally run front about 2# lower.  So this past weekend, I think I put in 36 in the rear and 34 in the front.  You should be fine at 40#.
sweet. just to make sure, you said you're running the clement pdx's too? do you think at 195-200 i could  get away with lower that 40# on the rear?

You should be but try it out on your pre-ride/warm-up lap.  Bounce up and down a little and see if you bottom out.  If you do, add a couple pounds.  If not, take a little out and give it a go again.  No way to find out what works until you try it.

Also, get a reliable gauge that is yours.  The pump gauges are crap.


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