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I am very bummed about Hutchinson's changes to the Bulldog/Piranha. The new ones are UCI legal, but for 99% of us this is not an issue. I now need to find a tire that i can run tubeless on Ultegra tubleless wheels. Who can share some of their experience with me? no burping please...



Fightin' Bobas

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I second Hobbanero on Slant 6 tubeless compatible, floor pump up very easy with core removed minimal leakage between rides have bottomed them out several times no burps 30psi and they are cheap.

Update on the PDX- Saturday, I started the Turkey Cross here in Boise with about 30psi in the rear. Too low for me. First lap, I had an ugly remount on concrete after getting stalled behind others on the barriers. Burped the rear, tried nursing it through the lap, but the course had a lot of off camber, rough, sandy sections. Fully flatted, DNF 'cause I don't have a pit wheelset.
For Sunday, I cleaned the sand off of the tire and rim, remounted the tire with a layer of Gorilla tape (1 layer of Velocity tape underneath,) and it aired up well. Ran about 35psi rear, 32 front, no problems.
mostly same course with a couple of changes. I was able to ride that particular barrier section, but there was an additional stair run-up, so same number of remounts.
While I definitely had too little air on Saturday, if I had originally set it up with the Gorilla tape, I think I wouldn't have burped as easily.


On Velocity 7s, I ran a Kenda Kommando in the back and Panaracer Cross Blaster up front with much success. About 28 up front and 30 in the back. I weigh in at 180. At Masters Worlds I ran ab8ut 2 lbs less due to mud and felt the front fold up in one tight hairpin. Bruped once early in the season but two weeks later the Stans seemed to coagulate and seal up pretty good. 

This year I ran Vee Rubber X-C-X tubeless on Velocity A23s. Used a cheap plastic XLC rimstrip which seemed to help, still needed compressor to get seated. Once seated though they did great. Vee Rubber nhas several models that are Sealant Compatible. 

Hey JD, did your rim stip cover the deep channel on the A23 rims? 

Yes it did. Not sure which XLC rimstrip it was, just the translucent green one. Again, still needed the compressor to seal up whereas the Velocity 7s I could use a hand pump just fine.

Ive been using (and like very much) Specialized Captain 2Bliss but they arent making these tubeless specific anymore as far as I know. Kenda Slant Six very easy to mount but haven't ridden much with them. Have heard good things about Schwalbe tubeless.

Anyone tried the Kenda Happy Medium SCT 700x32?  I am using Alpah 400 rims for one wheelset and ZTR Crests for the other.  Slant Six's will be on set and trying to find a file tread and mud tire to run tubeless.

I have a set of Happy Mediums but not 32 (too narrow for my taste) and not tubeless, although I have had great success with other Kenda tires tubeless. Like the Happ Mediums better than Grifo XS - if you have any off -camber, the XS isn't the best. And H.M. can clear some looser stuff a bit  better. 

Also have run a Slant Six as a rear tire with  a Clement PDX up front. Great combo for most purposes.  

Colt from BehindTheBarriers likes the HM and actually says it is more of a "mixed conditions" tire than a pure file tread.  Last week he reviewed some tires from Kenda, Challenge, Vittoria, Clement and one or two others in a feature.  Worth a viewing.

FWIW, my two fave file tread tires are the Happy Medium (35c or 40c) and Chicane and have had decent luck with them on Stan's rims (not the Alphas though). If the Chicane ever comes in a nylon version you might try that but the open tubular is obviously not a great tubeless option. 

Cool. Have a set of Happy Mediums in 40 and thinking of setting them up tubeless for year-round use.

I run HM 35's on Iron Cross rims tubeless and they kill.  They were not as easy to set up as some of my other tires but I still did it with a floor pump (I am spoiled - with the IC rims it is usually 3-5 pumps and Pop Pop Pop on they go.  With the HM it took like 10-15).

I love the tread pattern and Kenda CX tires just work for me.  I use the Kwickers as well and they actually set up easier.  I have not used the SCT tires as I don't see the need.

Try the HM in a 35 or 40 and I think you will be hooked

BTW - I cannot use a 40 on my frame, hence the 35.


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