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Alright. Bad title I know. Who's running tubeless in 2009? Give us the details. Wheels, tires, psi, your weight, issues... You know the drill.

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last year I bought the stan's kit for my easton ea90 aero aluminum clinchers. Ran 32-34 psi all season without a problem using hutchinson bulldog 700x34.

This year I built up some STan's ZTR 355 29er rims to 32h king hubs. Weight of wheelset is 1560. I'm using bulldogs again, and can easily get down to 26psi without a problem though 29psi is as low as I needed to go.

The stan's rim is a little wider, so if you use it, then switch to a regular road rim, you'll have to adjust your brakes.
Ksyrium SL with Hutchinson Bulldogs...I am 210ish and run them at 25-30 on the front and 30-40 on the rear.

A little firmer than my tubies but WAY less than when I had to run tubes.
I've seen some of the discussions on tubeless. I've been running both the Hutchinson Pirhana and Bulldogs on Dura Ace tubeless ready wheelset (the alu model new about 2 years ago). So far its pretty sweet. I'm about 187. The wheels are strong and rarely need truing (unlike my Kysriums), yet they weight 1600gms. I've been running the tires at 35 psi for about 2 months for hard training, a couple of races and a couple of forays into rocky/rooty singletrack with no problems. The biggest challenge is mounting......I'm resigned to having to do it at the bike shop with compressor. The whole concept of showing up at a race, checking out the conditions and then mounting Pirhana or Bulldogs is a pipedream.
I'm running the Hutchinson Bulldogs and Piranhas on Aksium rims with the Stan's conversion kit. I've found that I can run them at 32 in the rear and 30 in the front with no significant problems in hard cornering and sprinting (I weigh about 148-150).

No problems mounting them up at all with my floor pump. Only slight issue was getting the rim joint to seal when first setting them up. took some shaking at the joint and letting the leaky side to sit for about an hour. Now they are holding brilliantly.
hey, i had the same problem in the mtb world until i bought a 5 gal air tank at tractor supply for like 20 bucks.....fill it at the shop and take it with you to the races, use just enough to get the tire seated and then floor pump it to final pressure
A month ago I set up Ksyrium SL's with just the tubeless valve stem, Hutchinson Bulldogs and Stan's sealant. They mounted beautifully w/out any problems. I will race on them this weekend for the first time. Being somewhat skeptical, I have beat the shit out of this set up for the last few weeks. I am light (150) and no matter what I do I have not lost any pressure while riding. I just hope this is the case to the finish line.
Conversion is finally complete. I'm running bulldogs on a set of Bongtager road wheels and everything is working great. Started at the tires recommended pressure of 43 psi and started working my way down. Currently down to 35 front and rear. I will keep working my way down but doubt I would go below 30.
Forgot to mention I am using Stan's cyclocross rim strips too.
I just set up a pair of Michelin mud2's with stans rim strips on mavic open-pro rims. I'm 150-155# and ride pretty smoothly.
I raced yesterday with 32# in the rear and 34# in the front with zero issues.
Raced to second place yesterday on a very hard pack bumpy course using Ksyrium SL's with Hutchinson Bulldogs and Stan's sealant. About 35psi in the rear and 30 front. They worked great and I had no burping. Very happy.
Using it on my rear wheel only, using Stan's ZTR rim with Hutchison Piranha. I weigh 160, and typically ride around 30 psi on raceday. Never had problems setting the tire up with a floor pump.

At Sunday's McLaren Park race, there were a several long sections of high-speed bumpy trails, much better suited for a MTB than our dumbass masochistic machines. I never burped a single time, even on the somewhat off camber bumps. This being the first heavy race test, I was nervous about a fairly low pressure, but it performed flawlessly.

I later punctured on a pointy rock, the Stan's sealant sealed it up (thus the name, I guess) as PSI went down to ~15, I rode about 400 meters and made it to the pit. Pumped it up, rotated the tire to have the hole at the bottom, the tire spit for one second, sealed up, I said a little prayer (not really, but you get the point) and off I went. No problems on the 2 remaining laps, and I am even more of a Stan's fan than ever.
Glad to hear that it sealed and you finished!


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