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I've had a lot of good experience running tubeless on the road bike (various rims, Stans yellow tape, Hutchinson Road Tubeless tires) and MTB (Stans rims and yellow tape, various tires), and am building my first cross bike, to race this season, then use for winter training.  For those in the PNW, I plan on doing the Hood River Doublecross (local), and a few of the Cross Crusade races.

I built my wheels with Velocity A23 rims (wider Aerohead type rim) to get a little wider footprint (I weigh 180+).  I bought some Hutchinson Piranha tubeless tires to try, but read in one of the articles here that since I'm not using one of the Stans rims, I might have better luck with one of the non-tubeless tires.  I'm looking to run fairly low pressures with good burp resistance, definitely looking for a reliable setup.

What combination of tape and strips would you recommend with either the Piranhas, or some other tire?

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I am running Hutchinson Bulldogs and Pirañas on DT 1.1 rims with Stan's and have had tremendous success, never rolled a tire yet. I also weigh 180 and run mine at about 35 to 38 pounds.
That being said, the recent UCI rule change restricting tire width with 33mm being the maximum allowed rules out the Hutchinsons as they are 34mm. This is only going to be enforce at Nationals, but what the heck!
I'm not too worried about the UCI rules, I'm just going to be running Masters C or B, regionally. If I get more serious about it I may build some race wheels with tubs.

What sort of tape or strips are you using with that combo? Stans sealant, or something else?

Do you feel like there'd be any benefit to running even lower pressure, if you could?
I used the Stan's strip as is without any additional rim strip.
Depending on the course I might try a lower pressure (wet and grassy versus hard and fast) Seems like at 180 pounds that pressure worked out best for me. Sort of compromised in the middle. I tried some Maxxis Raze and they held air just fine and all, but were kind of squirlly on fast pavement turns. The Hutchinsons have a stiffer sidewall, which I think helps them hold air and sealant.
It shouldn't really matter what it says on the tire sidewall, there should be a measuring device that slots over tire. If it fits, you're good to go, if not you have to go change tires.

At least, that's what's supposed to happen...

I sent an email to USA Cycling asking how they planned on enforcing this as tire widths vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Haven't heard back yet. Like to get my hands on the measuring tool.
Any outside caliper would work. I imagine they'd just come up with a go/no-go gauge cut out of sheet metal or plastic.
The UCI rules only apply to UCI sanctioned races, which the vast majority of us will never enter. For your local USAC sanctioned races, or any race sanctioned by anyone other than USAC, no problem.
I unfortunately have my Hutchinsons dialed in on my rims using Stan's. The only UCI event I will attend this year is Nationals. Therefore I may as well start working on Plan B now.
I made a 33 mm gauge today out of 1/4 inch plywood. Tried it on my 34mm Hutchinsons and it was snug, but not terribly so. Took it to the local bike shop and tired is on some 32mm tires and it was tight on some of them as well. My point being, there is so much variation between manufacturers I guess merely having 32mm on the sidewall will not be enough
As a follow-up:

I talked to a really helpful guy at Stan's, who recommended that I use the Plus Four strip kit with those rims. I ran two layers of the included 12mm yellow tape over the rim holes, and installed the strips, which worked in nicely just under the bead hooks. I had no problem seating the Hutchinson tubeless ready Piranhas with soapy water and my floor pump, put in some sealant, then ran about 35psi front and 40psi rear, in my first cross race, last weekend. At my weight (180 lb), I don't think I'll need to run much lower pressures, but I might try going down a bit in soft conditions.
I did Krugers Kermesse in PDX Sunday, first time on tubeless, using the hutch piranhas. best handling (grip) I've had on a cross bike. using Corsa Concept 1.2ACR wheelset. Ran about 31-33 psi and I'm 188#s. Use stans sealant too.
Yup, I was there, too (Master B). Fast and fun course!


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