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I have decided to at least have one wheelset tubeless, but probably 2.  Here are the combinations:

- Easton EA90 SL
- Mavic Ksyrium Elite (came on 2010 bike)
- DT Swiss R1800 that came on my TCX 0

- Vittoria Cross XM Pro - what came on the bike
- Michelin Mud 2 - Should get them on Tuesday

What combination would you recommend and why?  Also, if I wanted to do a second set, what wheel would you suggest?  How would you setup each setup?  I have one Stan's cyclocross kit so I plan on using the Stan's rubber rim strip in any application.

I have done lots of reading.  It seems the wider the rim, the better for Tubeless applications which I think the DT Swiss is a little narrower (by 1mm).  Also, I have seen the Mud 2 recommended, but what do you think of the Vittoria Cross XM Pro being used for a Tubeless setup?  If I were to setup the Elite's, why should or should not use the Stan's rim strip?

Thanks for your help.

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Fantastic questions... I have another for you.. How about Challenge Latex tubes with a small amount of Stan's inside the tube? I just installed on my wheels.. took maybe 115 grams off my other set-up. I wonder if anyone else has tried this method?

If I had your wheels, I would run the Easton's with the Stan's recommended set-up. As far as the Ksyrium's go, I would use a standard UST valve stem instead of the Stan's strips, assuming you can find a 48mm valve. Finally, I would buy some Maxxis Raze or Panaracer Crossblasters and have as a standard clincher set-up on the DT's.

Would like to chat more with you about this...

Geoff Leonard
Here's my experienced 2 cents: if you are using ANY of the rims you mentioned, I would use the rim strip instead of just a UST valve stem. It will be significantly more reliable and easier to set up with the high rim walls. Those rims, without the strip, have a risk of burping. YMMV. If using the rim strip, either of the two tires you mentioned will work, and both set up as tubeless very well. Even with the rim strip, you may have to build up the rim channel with a layer of velox rim tape first-again has to do with the high rim walls.

I'm a big fan of tubeless for CX: lower pressure without pinch flats, easier tire set up and better tread choices than tubulars, tougher less expensive tires, and total reliability with the proper set up.

If you want the best setup, buy Scott's set of Stan's wheels with the 355 29er rims. You won't need a rim strip with those, so the set will be lighter. The new Stan's A 340 is a narrower rim, more like the road rims you have if you're worried about getting a compatible neutral wheel in the pit. I like the 355 rim, it widens the tire profile, and if you're worried about the UCI, you could run XM 32's tubeless.
How low of a p.s.i. have you been able to use C-note? How much do you weigh?
I just installed a Velox Rim strip and 2 strips of the yellow rim tape and then the Stan's Cyclocross Rim Strip on the Easton EA90 SL rim. Even so, the Stan's rim strip isn't tight against the bead. Is this OK or should I put another Velox Rim Strip in so that the Stan's strip is tight against the bead? I am leaning toward putting another Velox strip in.
well.... with all this extra material and rim strips... doesn't it defeat the whole purpose of tubeless?
dude... maybe we should both run tubes... LMAO
Look back at some of the old discussions on tubeless, there is a lot of info.
Go "ghetto" tubeless with Pirahanas, with Stans of course. We use a 20 inch tube, split it down the middle, remove the valve stem, fill with Stans, blow up to pressure, then carefully trim the excess split tube with an exacto knife while the wheel is ina truing stand, BINGO, an awesome set of tubeless tires....
I've been having good luck so far (touch wood) with Hutchinson Piranhas(dry)/Bulldogs(wet/snow) with a Stan's strip and sealant on Roval Pave wheels, which are a little on the wide side of most road wheels. I weigh around 160 lbs. and have been running 32-34 psi reliably. Any lower than that and they handle kinda sloppy in the tight corners. I ran Michelin Muds last year but burped one off the rim in the low 30's psi.

Funny thing is I've heard pretty consistently that the Hutchinson "tubeless ready" tires are not great for tubeless conversions, but I've been loving this setup. FWIW the Piranhas I got a few weeks ago have Hutchinson's new carbon bead, which supposedly is better for tubeless conversions.
Geoff, do you understand the benefits of tubeless for cyclocross? Lower pressures due to no pinch flats and with no tube, the same tire will be more supple with no tube. There is a benefit. UST with no stan's strip oor ghetoo tube? LMAO.
Ok, after reading about one person adding 2 velox strips to a Open Pro rim and having good luck, I did this as well and then added the stan's rim strip. Now the next question is:

I think I know the answer to this, but... The Vittoria Cross XM Pro tires I have are used and have been pumped up to as high as 65 and maybe to as high as 85. Does this rule these tires out as tubeless tires because the bead will be too stretched to run at low pressures? I think yes, but curious what other opinions are.

Probably just going to wait until Tuesday to finish the project when I get my Mud 2's. It's a shame because the XM Pro's are very supple for a clincher. Guessing that is due to the 150 TPI.
I want to set up my Ksyrium Elite wheels with Stan's No Tube system. Can I use just about any cross clincher tires? Or do I need a special "tubeless" tire?


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