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I have decided to at least have one wheelset tubeless, but probably 2.  Here are the combinations:

- Easton EA90 SL
- Mavic Ksyrium Elite (came on 2010 bike)
- DT Swiss R1800 that came on my TCX 0

- Vittoria Cross XM Pro - what came on the bike
- Michelin Mud 2 - Should get them on Tuesday

What combination would you recommend and why?  Also, if I wanted to do a second set, what wheel would you suggest?  How would you setup each setup?  I have one Stan's cyclocross kit so I plan on using the Stan's rubber rim strip in any application.

I have done lots of reading.  It seems the wider the rim, the better for Tubeless applications which I think the DT Swiss is a little narrower (by 1mm).  Also, I have seen the Mud 2 recommended, but what do you think of the Vittoria Cross XM Pro being used for a Tubeless setup?  If I were to setup the Elite's, why should or should not use the Stan's rim strip?

Thanks for your help.

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Any cross tire will work with this setup. Do not inflate above 45 psi or you can break the tire bead and blow the tire off the rim
I am not so sure about this: Most 'cross tires are labelled as 45-80psi (mainly due to lawyers). I've ran Maxxis Locust & Raze, Ritchey Zeds & Sppedmax, Kenda Kwick/er, all up to 70psi for long road rides with no ill effects. I think the bead on these tires is identical to the road tires these people mfg. so it is unlikely that they'd blow off below 130psi or so.

No, from my understanding you should pump up tubeless to about 40 or 45psi to seat the bead, then let some air out. But I don't run them all the time and I am no expert.
The tires are labeled for max pressure with a tube. Without a tube the majority of force is directed against the bead of the tire. You only have to blow a tire off the rim once to not violate the 45psi guideline for cross tires.
My setup: Mavic Ksyrium SLs (sealed inner wall), no tape, no strips, Stan's goop inside Hutchinson Bulldog CX's, pumped to 45-50psi - lately it's been 50psi at every race. My first season running this setup (2nd half of the season, two seasons ago) I was losing air in between races, but no issues during any races. Second season (last year) this problem went away, and the tires seamed to seal up. However, I had one race where someone went down in front of me, and I ended up rolling over his bike, which ended up rolling my front tire off the rim somehow - instant flat. Another race (Sierra Point) where I burped some air, but the tire didn't go totally flat. So far this year - no issues. 50 psi isn't super compliant, but it's noticeably better than 65psi+. The main benefit to me is that I don't worry about flats at all, and the wheels are very light.
If you install the cyclocross rim strip you solve your burping issue and be able to use lower pressure. Lower pressure is faster.
Yeah - I've thought about doing that. I run an older Cannondale with a 1" travel headshock fork, so I don't have to rely on tire pressure for suspension in the same way as most people do.
I got the tires setup. I raced this weekend with no burps. Only one problem... My rear tire was mounted backwards. Mud 2's are directional, but I misinterpreted the sidewall instructions. My rear tire was sliding quite a bit on the grassy course.

Bob, anything I should know about uninstalling and reinstalling the same tire tubeless?

For everyone else, here is my setup for Easton EA90:

- Existing rim strip
- 2 rotations of 12mm Stans rim tape with one hugging one side of the wheel bed and the other hugging the other side to get full coverage.
- Stans Cyclocross rubber strip w/ valve

With this setup, I was able to pump up the tires with a hand pump although it took some effort on the front.

I love this setup except for the rear tire being the wrong direction.
I have reinstalled a tire without spilling the sealant but it is not easy to do cleanly. You could suck it up with a syringe. I usually dump the used sealant and reapply a fresh batch


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