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Hello I am a U14 Racer in the Bay Area and  I am looking to got tubeless this next season.I already have stan's kit and now I am looking for tires. 2010 was my first year racing so I don't know what the conditions are like year to year. These are the tires I am looking at:

Hutchison's Piriana

Hutchison's Bulldog

Michelin Mud 2

Maxxis Raze

Mazzis Mimo


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I used the Hutchinson Bulldog last season with good results.They were in most of the conditions that I raced in and when on grass they really hook up. I'm looking at the Kenda Slant six to try out this year. I like the bulldogs and didn't have any issues with them burping air. Good luck.

I have been looking at those as well, but I can't seam to find them anywhere. Where are you looking at them?



I haven't found any yet just read about them etc. They look good so I was going to get them soon, if they can be found.

Hey Nolan,


I use the Michelin Mud 2 tires with tubes, so I can't vouch for how they work tubeless. But I love the way they handle in dry conditions just as much as in the mud. They are good all-around tires, and they really grip in the wet stuff.

Also, I am running the Muds on Shimano Wh 7801 tubeless rims, and the bead locks into the rim really well. If you are a lighter rider, I doubt that they will burp air.

Hi Nolan,


hope we see you at the races.  have you seen this article?  Going Tubeless for Cyclocross: Choosing the best tire, avoiding the...


We've tried a few tires recently that should be added to that list: the Kenda Slant Six (reviewed in Issue 12)makes a great conversion, and the Clement PDX worked well on a Stans rim.


We've NEVER had success with the Maxxis tires as tubeless conversions, nor Continental, FYI.


The one key with the Hutchinson tires is to make sure you get the carbon bead version.  In our experience, these are a big improvement on the previous version for burp-free performance.


Good luck!  I'm assuming you're still quite light and if so, you might look at the Panaracer Cross Blaster along with the Michelin, Vittoria and Clement options.

Thanks, I am interested in the slant six (which I read about in issue 12) But have not been able to find them at my LBS or online. Do you have any sources for them?





i think the slant six should be just before cx season - tell your bike shop you want them or email kenda - demand never hurt in getting something out faster!  that panaracer cedric gracia tire should work well tubeless too - but we haven't tried it yet.


the panaracer cinder x, the big bro of the cross blaster (lower tpi) as been a good tire on a stans rim only - and the extra volume is nice for the trails. 


The Clement tires are quite nice in that they are high volume and quite light.


good luck.

So this is my new list of possible tires:

Panaracer cross blaster
Clement LAS, and PRT
michelin mud 2

(The Hutchinson got droped becasue I saw a set at my LBS and the tread looks small


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