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Tubular Cyclocross Wheels for use with Disc Brakes?? and a shipping question


Is there such a thing as a tubular cyclocross wheel for use with disc brakes?  Anyone know of this either through a custom build or (more unlikely) a production model?  I'm wondering if disc brakes limit future upgrade capabilities.


Also, have a quick story to share.  I ordered a 2010 Focus Mares Disc online.  The online dealer then places the order with the distributor.  The distributor ships the bike to the online dealer, who then ships the bike off to me.  I open the box and think, wow, what a beautiful red color.  This is when I realized they had shipped me the wrong cx bike!  So now, I shipped the 'wrong bike' back and need to repeat the shipping process to get the right bike.  It's a good thing cyclocross season is still far off!


Come to think about it, here's a second question.  Any cautions a person should take into account if they order their cx bike online?  For example, although the 'wrong bike' was intact, I noticed the box was ripped in a few sections.  In this case, should you refuse shipment?   



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Anybody who can build a wheel could put this together for you, just pick the individual components and you'll be good to go.  I haven't looked but I seriously doubt that you could find this as a pre built.  Good luck.


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