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OK, i've stretched my Dugast Rhinos and prepped the rims, applied multiple layers of glue, and actually got the tires on the rims without too much trouble. I carefully covered the rim braking surfaces with electrical tape and that worked quite nicely in keeping glue off the rims... but i still got glue on places where it doesn't belong, like all over me, but that is not my question. My question is.... can i remove some errant glue from the side walls of the Rhinos? and what would be the best method? is there any solvent that would be safe to use? do i pick endlessly with my fingernails?

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Dont worry about it ,hows that.. After your first muddy race nobody but you will know if you picked the glue off or not. Trust me on .
OK, you're probably right. I took a look at my two year old Grifos and the sidewalls look very much like the floor mats from behind the bar at the local pub ... perhaps i've just been a bit too self conscious... this was my first attempt at gluing tires myself and i'm trying my best to do it right and make it look pro.
have you put acua seal on the side walls? they say you really need to do that with Dugast or you will get tire rot!
I have the Aqua Seal but i did not want to put that on the sidewalls until i cleaned up the glue a bit. There is not a lot of glue on the sidewalls, but i was hoping for a really clean pro look. And i have some sealant recommended by Dave Drumm, from right here at CXmag ... ... so yeah, i will do the sealant. Thanks!
In my experience, picking the glue off the Dugast sidewall is a mistake. By picking, rubbing, or in any way abraiding the sidewall, you may create a tiny weak spot where water and dirt will seep into the cotton sidewall. Even if you seal the sidewall, the weaker abrasion spot is where the tire will rot. Just leave the glue and think of it as extra waterproofing. Black seeping rot looks much worse than glue!


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