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I am currently running Mich Mud 2's on clincher wheels. I have a set of tubular wheels I am thinking about using. What would be a comparable tire in the tubular? Would I be better off running the Mich Muds for muddy conditions and mounting up a set of tubulars for drier conditions?

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Dugast Rhino is the current equivalent. Supposedly 2010 will have a couple of new mud tires as well.

My personal opinion is that except for really bumpy courses that you're better off with a mud tubular than a dry tubular. When it's dry you can run higher pressures and tubulars won't matter as much. However, running 20psi in the slop (such at Natz this weekend) is pretty awesome.
If you are going to have only one set of tubulars I'd go with with a mixed tire that you can race in most conditions, like the Grifo or Dugast typhoon. If you live in the pacific nw or somewhere muddy almost all of the time, then I'd go w/ the Dugast Rhinos or Tufo Cubus or new Vittoria XM. I have a friend that runs the Cubus all the time and the Rhino supposedly work well in a variety of conditions too.
I use the Griffo tubulars for just about everything, and I LOVE THEM!
I ran the 700x32 TUFO Cubus at the muddy De Stad Championship and they really hook up. They never clogged up either. I have been really impressed with the quality of TUFO tubulars.
FMB casings with Racing Ralph. End of story :)
Actually, the Grippo XL's really hold mud...

Great in all conditions... but not too thrilled with their mud performance.
Do the Rhinos clear mud better than the Grippo XLs?
Or what regoin's mud given all the levels of sticky?
I would say yes, Rhino's clear mud much better... then again any tire with more pressure will shed the mud easier. I used them in some swampy conditions down in South Jersey and quite honestly I felt like I was rolling on 30 pound tires.


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