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I just picked up a set of tubular wheels and am looking forward to making the jump to running lower tire pressures.  I ride & race in northern Calif. and am looking for one race tire to do it all.  Of course, such a tire doesn't exist, but I can't afford multiple wheelsets, so I need a tire that's versatile.  I'll use my clinchers for training, and the tubulars for racing.


I'm thinking of using my tubular rims for drier, less-slick conditions, and using my older Michelin Mud2 clinchers for the wetter race days.  


Challenge Grifos....the Vittorias....what do you recommend?  I'd like to keep the costs down a little bit -- I really can't justify spending more than $90-100 per tire.  I weigh about 150.


Thanks much.



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I have run the Challenge Grifos, Fangos, and Vittorias XG (non 290 version) and have in my opinion the best are the Grifos. 

If I was just looking at tread patterns I would have picked the fango for the better side knobs, but have come to like the grifo better as a do it all tire.

hey Ken

i had really good luck with the VIttoria XG 320tpi, i ran them in dry and ran them on a muddy day and they ROCKED! so if you going with one set of tuby wheels thats my choice.


Thanks guys;  I appreciate the advice.



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