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I want to purchase a pair of FMB Superprestige tubulars and I am deciding between 32 and 34 mm width.  I am biased towards 34, but it seems like 32 is the “standard”.  My thought is that the 34 would provide a bit more grip and be better for my weight (170 to 175 pounds).  Tire weight is of secondary concern to me. 


I appreciate any insight others have.

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What level do you compete at and/or what races do you do? 34mm is not UCI legal but that may not matter depending on what races you do. The 34s will be a pretty sweet ride, for sure.
I agree with Chris, run the 34's, there is hardly a weight difference. The pro's would run 34's if the UCI allotted it. If you aren't UCI or racing in nationals, don't worry.

Thank you Chris and Joey, I am going to get 34’s.  I am an amateur and I don’t see myself entering any UCI races…at least not to the level where I expect officials with calipers!


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