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Bought the tubular wheel set ... hope I was right there. Now looking at a good all round performance tubular. So considering:

1st dugast rhino at 175$ (private sale)
2nd challenge grifo - $180
3rd Schwalbe Racing Ralph - $250+
4th Clement PDX $250 with ship

Also found Challenge Grifo xs for $100 + shipping (for dry packed conditions right?)

Which is your favorite all rounder? I'm pretty sure I won't be changing tires off tubular rims for races nearly as much as I did with clinchers, so need someting consistently good.

Last- if you know of any good video sites for removing, installing and maintenance of tubulars, I'd appreciate a push in the general direction.

Oh Danny Boy

p.s.- hope to raise a glass of Guiness this week!

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This is why I love the mavic mp3 program!
My understanding is the PDX tubies are sealed so no extras there. Ben Berden, Ryan Trebon and others raced that tire all year so I'm guessing it makes a great all-round tire.
Thanks everyone, and by the way, I did have the Guinness today ... 5 pints worth so the belly is hard to see over right about now. Erin Go Bragh!

I liked the Challenge Grifo's as an all around tire, but I wanted to get some Fango's they have a more aggressive tread for loose conditions. They might work better as an all rounder  Check for tires they have some good prices. 

Challenge has a polyester casing, they don't rot like cotton casings but still a good idea to seal the side walls adds some protection and cuts. The Clements don't need to be sealed and they are still pretty tough 

The PDX and Litmus are mud tires they have good traction but will be a little slower because of the taller nobs, though Clement is supposed to come out with an all rounder tire this year .

This is a good videos form Stu for sealing tires and one for gluing

Okay, got the tires mounted on the rims and now will coat the sidewalls. I understand tent floor sealer and aqua seal wetsuit repair are two choices to do this.

I already have a big tube of Trident Brand black neoprene cement for my wetsuit. Will this suffice in place of the aqua seal?


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