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I rode one of these for one race and liked it but it was under-inflated.  Anyone race these this season?  I'm on the fence about Tubbies and if I knew I could get a good tire for cheap, it would alter my perspective a little.



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spend the extra $$$ and get Rhinos

For $60 Cubus are a great mud tire. They don't require too much attention, are easy to mount straight and are super grippy in slop. And they're only $60. For the price of a pair of Dugasts you can get a selection of Tufo tubulars and not cry if one flats.

I ran the Flexus Cubus this year and was quite happy with them.   There were a couple situations that they didn't hook up as good as a Rhino, but I chose the Tufos for durability.   No tube in them meant I could run them low without worrying as much on courses that had a lot of rocks.   Not being dugasts meant the sidewalls wouldn't rot before the tread wore out.   The cubus is a good, cheap mud tubbie.  The rolling resistance is a bit high to make it an all-arounder, but here in Oregon there were only a couple races this year that weren't mud.    I was planning on buying a set as my backup mud tires next year, but I'm hearing that the Clement PDX may be coming out in a tubular.  It has a rhino-like pattern and should be cheaper and less delicate.   It won't be as supple so it probably won't grip quite as well.


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