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UCI Allows Disc Brakes in International Competition.

"Run what you brung"! I think it is good to allow the option to those who wish to use them, just because the UCI now allows Disc Brakes  however does not mean that we all have to run out and put disc brakes on our bikes, or auction off our frames. I choose to ride canti's but am not bothered by those who choose mini v's or discs. Ride what is comfortable and remember to have fun! 



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I agree. The new rule is good because is gives riders choice. While I don't necessarily need the stopping power, I like the more consistent braking performance discs offer in different conditions. And it doesn't mean I have to give up my current CX racer. Now I can look forward to having a disc racer and canti racer and choose one or the other based on weather or course conditions - like we do with tires.
Honestly I'm surprised at the response this issue is getting. I run hydraulic discs on MTBs but use canti's on the cross bike and have no intention of changing right now.
I gotta say I like the decision only because it will push the industry to improve the choices in that area.

I rode a disc brake cross setup for a season and now use it as my commuter rain bike. The weight penalty really doesn't give a pay off in better braking except in the sloppiest conditions. I am interested in what people are thinking around wheel choices in this area? My biggest thought is there is such a limited selection although the popularity of the 29er is going to bring more choices if your cross bike has 135mm rear spacing.

As a second note my wife came home with a nice brake rotor burn mark on her ankle from the mtb this weekend and it has me wondering about the implications this brings to the disc brake on a cross bike. Any idea how much braking it takes to bulid up some good flesh burning heat on a disk?
To create heat you need to have extended periods of braking, like on long technical downhills, which I don't think you'll get much of in cross. I know that one of the more common concerns is about the rotors, especially when carrying the bikes. But I keep thinking that if I'm close enough to hit the rotor, I'm probably close enough to get clipped by the spokes, and how often does that happen?
what do you all think the the hydro brifters will look like? im guessing they're going to resemble older sti's with the cable sticking straight out of the side because i dont think you could run a fluid cable back and up under the bar tape could you? im also thinking they are going to be quite large compared to normal brifters. if you look at the guts of an ergo or red brifter, its 95% shifting mech and the only part that has anything to do with the brake is the lever only. so if you have to add a reservoir to anything in the same form as what we have now, thats going to make them HUGE and HEAVY.
Having hydro rim brakes, I'd guess that it would be no problem running the housing under the bartape. And, you're not running big rotors and needing the braking force of DH or freeriding, so there will most likely be no need for resivoirs at all. My HS-33s only use the fluid in the valve. I really doubt they would have to be much bigger. But I equally doubt anyone will invest in hydro brake brifters, and just opt to seriously invest in cable actuated disc brakes for CX. Gary Fisher already put out the call for disk brakes on road bikes a few years ago.
What disc brake options are available for STI levers and drop bars right now? BB7s? BB5s? Tektros? Shimano? Are there any others from Formula, Magura, Hayes, etc?

When I looked into building a disc brake commuter CX bike a few years ago, that's all I found. It was harder finding wheels.
apparently these are running "avid disc road", didn't know there was such a thing. but it looks like these would add around 2 pounds to your bike, if i'm going to add that much weight i'm going for hydraulics. mechanical discs arent worth the trouble in my opinion, and they aren't half as strong as hydros. but that brings up my previous point as to where in the heck can you even fit reservoirs on a road bike?

I'm sure the UCI committee has discussed all these issues, but I wonder what happens when you get a bunch pile-up and everyone runs up on the wheel in front of them? Will you have a bunch of bent rotors and misaligned calipers? Will the rotor cut your tire or carbon rim (if you run carbon)? And I wonder if we'll have to beef up carbon forks to accommodate discs?

I believe the elite racers will continue to use rim brakes exclusively, but time will tell. I'm resistant to discs in cross, but I'm trying hard not to be. Kind of like earpieces in road racing - I can see both sides, but I liked it more when breaks could go to the finish.

Dan Werle - Avid makes the BB5 and BB7 in a road version (at least they used to). They have a different cable pull from the mountain calipers, but I believe visually look exactly the same. I believe Cannondale puts them on their cross bikes.
anyone recognize this ritchey carbon fork with disc mount? was it a proto or were they selling them at some point? it looks a lot more appealing than these alloy forks i have seen thus far with disc mounts.

Maybe Yeti used this? Supposedly it is for a 29er...


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